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Apr 16, 2006 09:30 PM

Green and Blacks Butterscotch bar and white chocolate bar

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I just ate a white chocolate bar off of a chowhound suggestion. I have NEVER liked white chocolate...until now. Pure deliciousness. This company is very special.

Went on the website and read about their butterscotch bar - sounds like the most delicious thing ever created! I've searched my local markets (Los Angeles) and haven't found it anywhere.

Any idea where I can purchase it online? I've been searching - but can only find UK distributers.


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  1. Target carries Green and Blacks. I can't recall if they had the Butterscotch Bar. Thanks for the report, I must have missed the other posts regarding Green and Blacks. Target had a sale on Lindt so I opted for the truffle balls and a bar of their extra dark chocolate.

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      Target doesn't carry the butterscotch - at least not yet. But thanks for the post! Also - if you like Lindt, you should try the huge but delicious bittersweet pound plus bar(with or without almonds) at Trader Joes. They say it's made with exclusive, French Callebaut chocolate and I believe it! Really good and well priced.

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        I know the lb. plus bar very well, lol, I went to my Dr. because developed I tendonitis in my arm from breaking off pieces of the bar. I haven't bought one in a long time. I am glad TJ's still carries it.

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          Callebaut is hardly exclusive. It's from the French-Belgium conglomerate Barry-Callebaut, the largest supplier of industrial chocolate in the world. They are also probably the biggest buyer of Ivory Coast chocolate.

          I know Chowhound hates politics, so I won't go into that, but my motto is "Just Say No" to any chocolate labeled as Belgian.

        2. re: Tracy L.

          I've never had that particular bar, but I'm gonna go out and find it now. I'm partial to some butterscotch you know! I'm gonna skip target and head for Whole Foods.


        3. Have you tried your local Wholefoods? They have a bunch of Green and Blacks flavours. I'm in love with the plain dark chocolate one at the moment. They've got a 2 for $5 deal on them at the moment in Providence...

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            I wrote to Green and Blacks and they told me Butterscotch is not on sale in the U.S. yet. If I actually order it from the UK, I will definiely report!

          2. Just wanted to add that I have a similar problem - I managed to purchase the butterscotch bar ONCE - here in Toronto where I live last Christmas. It was amazing. Now, I look everywhere for it, and it is nowhere to be found. I thought maybe it was a special holiday edition flavour or something. I would love to know if anyone has any more information, as it was the best flavour of Green and Black's bar I had so far!!

            1. Bristol Farms -- Westlake Village -- also carries Green & Blacks. I don't know which ones, but I will check next time. I used to buy Green & Blacks Mint Chocolate Bars there -- pretty good!, but lately I have not seen them. I do know that they have other ones; they're just below the coffee bar.

              1. Lipps, where did you find the white chocolate Green & Blacks bar in LA? I have never seen that one, although I very much like their orange-spiced Maya Chocolate Bar.

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                1. re: PayOrPlay

                  I've seen it at Whole Foods and (I believe) at Gelsons