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Apr 15, 2006 01:17 AM

The worst thing I have eaten lately - Odwalla Bar

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I made the mistake of getting a berry flavor Odwalla Bar at our work cafeteria. I don't like to waste food, but I only took one bite out of this horror.

Imagine a soft granola bar permeated with a strong flavor of Flintstone's chewable vitamin.

I was telling my co-worker how awful it was when a random guy said "I tried one and it was one of the worst things I have ever eaten."


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  1. I can't comment on that because I've never eaten one but the most disappointing thing I have eaten recently was some of the new Pepperidge Farm Seville chocolate cookies. They were horribly dry and tasteless. I took some bags to work and left them in the breakroom and even those were untouched for the most part.

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    1. re: loveskittles

      Agreed. Those things are scarey bad! They are so filled with off-tastes. I don't think they can be classified as food, really. Maybe just food-like.
      It's Pepperidge Farm via Home Depot.

    2. I'll match it with my recent purchase of ITTY BITTY COOKIES from UPPER CRUST BAKERY. Uck!

      Supposed to be lemon. I think they forgot it. Vanilla maybe.

      Mouth-melting shortbread texture? Forget it--an odd, stale, sugar cookie graininess.
      Wow-simply the worst commercial cookie I've ever eaten. And these are not cheap.

      Overpriced and overhyped. Shame on them.

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      1. re: toodie jane

        I know Terez got out of the business and there were some bad feelings in the sale/transition...I guess the new owners aren't keeping up the same high quality she always had.

        1. re: Snackish

          too bad... I've never thought their cookies were anything special (biscotti) but their pizza and salads were the best around when they first opened years ago.

          1. re: toodie jane

            That raspberry salad is addictive. And the California classic pizza with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes...I still miss that.

      2. They ARE terrible! All of those energy bars are.

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        1. re: christy

          Actually, I'm kinda fond of Luna bars. The Lemon Zest is pretty good, and a couple of the others aren't bad. I keep them in the car for when I absolutely have to have something or I'll keel over (on the way to the gym, before an early morning class, etc.). And unlike a lot of "nutrition" bars, they actually are slightly better for you than a candy bar.

          1. re: christy

            Actually, I sort of like Clif Bars - sort of like a cookie masquerading as an "energy" bar (whatever that means).

            1. re: ipse dixit

              Agree. I also think some of the Zone bars aren't bad when one doesn't have time for a meal.

              1. re: David Kahn

                I like Clif bars as well. They're the only "energy" bar I'll eat -- those Odwalla bars are truly disgusting.

              2. re: ipse dixit

                yeah, I am good with Luna bars, Clif bars and Lara bars - all from the same maker.

              3. re: christy

                Actually Boomi Bars are terrific as an energy bar. They're mostly certified organic product and mostly raw ingredients. Pretty much the same nutrient payload as some of the big name brands, but these things are really good. An apple and a Boomi Bar before a workout works well for met.


                1. re: Gayla

                  Those sound really good! I like that they have some that do NOT have almonds in them... most of the time, they stick almonds/peanuts into almost everything, and it's tough if you can't eat them...

                2. re: christy

                  And I like the Pria bars for a light snack, the new Kashi roll bars, and am recently enjoying Lara bars. The Lara bars in particular are excellent as they have nothing but fruit and nuts for ingredients.

                3. The worst thing I've eaten recently is Whole Foods Veggie Snack Chips. They're shaped like french fries and taste like powdered potatoes.

                  I also did the lunchroom-at-work test. Put them out and no one ate them.


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                  1. re: three of us

                    Perhaps that's why I saw cartons upon cartons of them at an Odd Job-esque store in New Hampshire this weekend. I was suprised to see an actual 365 brand product there.
                    I don't think I've tried the Whole Foods variety but I quite like the Trader Joe's version.

                  2. To be honest, I find it difficult to eat any energy bars. It doesn't feel like real food -not in terms of filling me up, but mouthfeel. My body's really reluctant to chew on something which too often has the texture of hardening silly putty.