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Apr 13, 2006 02:50 PM

Costco Coffee

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After walking past a Graffeo store earlier in the day and not scoring some dark roast beans, I know - DUMB - I ended up at Costco for some overpriced gas and bought a bag of their in house roasted (not the Charbuks) French Roast. Made it in the Bodum French Press. It is the worst, most highly over roasted ie. CREAMATED coffee that I've ever tasted! I wasn't expecting Blue Bottle or Graffeo but this stuff is awful.

I was wondering what other Hounds have experienced? Did I get a bad batch or is it always this bad?

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  1. At my local Costco, the Kirkland brand coffee packaging says it is roasted by Starbucks. They also carry a locally roasted (and far less expensive) house blend; it's not very good. I stopped buying the Kirkland brand because it was too oily and kept clogging my grinder.

    Is the gas at your Costco "overpriced" relative to other gas in your area? At mine, it's about 10 cents a gallon less than at other gas stations in the area. But it is all overpriced these days.

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    1. re: Kirk

      My local Costco carries something called Seattle something (not Seattle's Best). They also carry several other brands. It also has a big machine that looks like a roaster but there is not that strong coffee smell.

      1. re: Peter

        'SEATTLE MOUNTAIN Coffee' Distributed by: Costco...

        There is a giant roaster behind the display but they were not roasting, and thus no coffee aroma.

        1. re: sel

          Well there is no mountain in Seattle so the origin of said coffee is suspect.

          1. re: Peter

            Actually, it's grown on Mt. St. Helens and tree-roasted.

            1. re: Gary Soup

              Vulcan does the Mt. St. Helens roasting.

              1. re: Tom Hall

                hah! I just bet he uses a cheap electric roaster!

    2. I have found that lately I don't like any french roast. Most brands seem to over roast, so I've been buying a Hawaiian or Jamaican blend that I buy at Sams. Can you take it back? I know most stores do stand behind their products. The worst that can happen is you use it to cradle around a candle--that is if you like the smell of coffee.

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      1. re: jackie

        Costco will take ANYTHING back. I love a good French roast, this is just not good.

      2. Their Seattle Mountain in-store roasted house blend in Austin, TX is second only to Peets to me. I have ordered coffee from all the top-rated places and it just can't hardly be beat. It was substantially better before the Tsunami, but it is still better than most.

        I haven't been as happy with the other types. However, all have been head and shoulders above Starbucks or supermarket coffees.

        It is also incredibly cheap. A two pound bag is like 6-7 dollars I think. It is so good that my Dad mails my two sisters and I bags frequently. Maybe Austin just has a really good roaster.

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        1. re: Becca Porter

          If a Peet's lover likes it, then it's quite likely that a Blue Bottle fan will not like it, since Blue Bottle Coffee is seriously under-roasted, IMHO.


          1. re: Becca Porter

            IMO,the Seattle Best Columbian is the one of the best values in the store. 7.99 for 2 1/2 lbs

          2. I bought the Kirkland (roasted by Starbucks) whole bean and agree it is quite oily and patience is needed when grinding. I also found that the depth of flavor was less than other dark roasts so I needed to increase the coffee per cup in my maker. Once the ratio was figured out I have enjoyed.