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Apr 13, 2006 12:59 PM

Cream Cheese-Is there a World Beyond Philadelphia Brand?

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Can someone out there in CH land fill me in on the secrets of Cream Cheese? I've eaten Kraft since small, but I sense there's a World out there I know nothing about.
Different fat content, methodology, source, etc.?
Is there a brand that's just better than the rest?

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  1. Beyond the grocery store, there's the cream cheese that you could buy at a kosher style deli or, even some bagel shops that would be infinately better and fresher.

    1. A drained whole milk yogurt is my alternative. You need to like yogurt though.

      1. I have tried all of the brands available at the supermarket and Kraft is my pick.

        But, try the "cream" cheeses available at the farmer's markets, cheese shops. They can be much better than Kraft.

        1. I really miss the cream cheese that the UVM dairy in Burlington, VT. used to make, I hope they are still making it, we just live too far away. It was lovely stuff and had no gums or fillers

          1. i don't know where you are but here in northern california there's a great brand called sierra nevada cream cheese. it's at the specialty stores and TJs

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              Yes, I heartily recommend Sierra Nevada's cream cheese. The brand name is Gina Marie's Old Fashioned Cream Cheese. I buy it at Safeway in San Francisco.


              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I've had this cream cheese and it is VERY good! Highly rec it! Also Tuttle is good if it's still around. 2# blocks, no gum!

                1. re: toodie jane

                  Fourth this rec! Discovered it this past year (I'm also in NoCal) and can't go back to Philadelphia. It's so creamy, fluffy, and spreadable and best of all...tastes like real cheese!!