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Apr 12, 2006 07:05 PM

ISO: Best Tortellini

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Thanks to the cooking gurus over at the home cooking board, I recently mastered making Pesto Sauce... Soo good...

One of my favorite ways to eat Pesto is with Tortellini But seeing as how I just mastered the Pesto sauce part, I not exactly ready to tackle making my own stuffed pasta (The day will come however!)... So I was wondering... What is the BEST store bought Tortellini? There are frozen kind, fresh kind, dried kind? I'm sure different brands at different price points... I don't have a preference to any one, I just want the BEST tasting, cooking not too big and stuffed with flavorful cheese Tortellini...

Local L.A. Italian Store brands okay too just let me know where to find them regardless of at Safeway or Bay Cities! :)



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  1. I'd say skip the dried tortellini -- what filling could be good dried and reconstituted?

    Trader Joe's has a couple of sizes of fresh tortellini in their refrigerated section. They have an artichoke filled pasta (don't remember if it was tortellini or some other shape, or if it was fresh or frozen -- bad chowhound!) that was pretty good and would be good with pesto.

    Meanwhile, I like to mainline my pesto. Smearing it on some bread and sticking it under the broiler until it's bubbly and starting to brown is a good, quick fix.

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      I like frozen...the problem is, the brands I like are fairly local on the east coast.

    2. I enjoy the Trader Joe's frozen artichoke tortellini. It's tasty, esp. if you're going to jazz it up with homemade pesto! You can also toss with artichokes, for a truly decadent (and delicious) experience.

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        Ah, yes! I was trying to remember if those were fresh or frozen. They're excellent, and would be delicious with pesto.

      2. I always confuse pasta brands, but I think it's Barilla Tortellini (the one with the commercial where two guys win the competition against all the italian housewives making pasta from scratch). Surprisingly good, though on the dry shelf section, not dry at all. They're packed in those fresh-pack vacuum seal type of bags, and the filling is not dried out at all. I liked all 3 varieties they offered.

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          My favorite is the spinach one. I found it way better than the others. I am sure that fresh is surperior, but this one in pretty darn good.

        2. I like the fresh tortellini from Costco. They usually have several varieties of stuffed pastas in their cheese/deli area.

          1. I'd argue with Ruth about the goodness of dried tortellini - that's what you'll usually be served in broth at a restaurant in Italy, and the flavors tend to be much more assertive than those of the fresh ones. The only problem is getting them cooked to the right level without their falling apart, which takes some practice (but then you get to eat a lot of tortellini, which ain't all bad!). The semi-dry Barilla bagged varieties are the real winners here: as flavorful as dry, and easier to cook. They are a lot more expensive than the boxed kind, but very yummy.

            I haven't tried any of the TJ frozen kinds. Guess I'll have to.