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Apr 9, 2006 01:38 AM

Confirmed Dead Product List (What ever happened to.... Dept.)

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This won't help Seltzer Head (post below) but he/she deserves credit for my stumbling across it while looking for a substitute for Lawry's Classic San Francisco Salad dressing. Bring out the hankies.

Link: http://www.hometownfavorites.com/shop...

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  1. Thanks, Gary, but no hankie necessary for 99% of those products. Most of them never should have seen the light of day!

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    1. re: Kirk

      I agree. Reading through the list (what else to do on a Sunday while the laundry dries?) I was amazed at how much of that I had never known existed and would not have bought anyway.

      1. re: Kirk

        You mean like "FIZZIES" - another in the line of pharmaceutical company "soft drink" concoctions - this one being an Alka Seltzer-like tablet loaded with cyclamates and godawful flavors. It was a charming product for kids, what with the initial burst of bubbles and sharp "nose" - but, IIRC it was Warner-Lambert who could have spared us this chemical swill.

        Now "FUNNY FACE" drinks (Rootin'-Tootin' Raspberry, Loudmouth Lime, et. al.) - they wuz somethin'!!!

      2. l

        Perfect timing on this post! I no longer have to scour my grocery store shelves for the Nabisco bacon crackers that I liked so much.

        1. What about Junket? And what about Quisp? I think limited quantities are produced but your chances of finding them in your local Albertson's are just about nil. Ditto for Rheingold and Schaefer beer, and also all the products of all those tiny breweries like Peter Doelger which once dotted the borough of Brooklyn, city of churches and bars.

          Image: http://www.cfhf.net/lyrics/images/rhe...

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          1. re: Brian S

            Would you believe I have an autographed photo of Miss Rheingold 1959? I believe her name was Robbin Bain. She made an appearance at the Grumman Corporation (my Uncle's employer) company picnic at Calverton, Long Island (unlimited free beer, ID's not checked!) and I'm surprised she didn't get assaulted by a certain drunken 17-year old with an overactive libido.

            I can also remember Vin Scully broadcasting for the Brooklyn Dodgers and saying, between innings, "Folks, wouldn't this be a good time to pour yourself a nice cold glass of Schaefer beer?"

            1. re: Gary SoupShe

              RHEINGOLD AND SCHAEFER are still on the shelves, albeit a far cry in their beer from what they were - of course we were BIG fans of Rheingold's 10-ounce pull-top "Chug-A-Mug" bottles - one gulp would do the trick!

            2. re: Brian S

              I just bought some Junket about a month ago, from my local Fareway store. I do live in a rural part of Iowa, however, where folks still use products like that. ;-)

              1. re: Brian S

                I still see Junket once in awhile but the Maple Flavor is gone forever

              2. canada dry or schweppes bitter orange

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                1. re: byrd

                  Canada Dry? The Ginger Ale? I drink that regularly! I live in Western NY state, and that is the ginger ale of choice.


                  1. re: milkyway4679

                    byrd was referring to the bitter orange flavor, I used to really like that too.

                2. Sob! Bonomo Turkish Taffy is no more? Always my candy of choice at the movies. The site said French Chewy Chewy Taffy is a good substitute, but I think my fillings prefer that I not pursue it.

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                  1. re: semmel

                    I too miss Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

                    Remember putting it in the freezer to make it good and firm and then smacking it on a wall to break it into smaller, bite-sized chunks?

                    Many Saturdays in my youth were spent exercising my jars on their vanilla taffy.

                    1. re: semmel

                      DO NOT get French Chew Taffy - it's nothing like Bonomo. I've got 4 of them in my freezer. I tried one and just didn't like it. I suppose it's either my childhood memory of the taste of Bonomo Turkish Taffy is better than the real thing, or these French Chews are really that bad.