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Apr 6, 2006 09:23 PM

Ted's Montana Grill [moved from General Topics]

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Here in suburban Houston, we will soon be blessed with Texas' first outpost of something called Ted's Montana Grill, which is partially owned by Ted Turner. I gather it is another "upscale" "rustic" steak and burger place, with their gimmick being that they offer bison steaks and burgers as well as beef. Has anyone eaten at one of these? Is there anything they do particularly well? And does the world really need another calculated, focus-group-analyzed, chain of steakhouses?

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    janet of reno

    Is it a chain? I ate at the one in Atlanta recently, and just assumed that because we were in Ted Turner land that it was a local place....anyway, we chose it on the spur of the moment, and were not disappointed. Not the best food we ever ate, but tasty and well-prepared and most importantly, very reasonable in price. Great onion rings. FWIW.

    1. Here's a link to our post about the Philadelphia one, about a month ago.



      1. We have one in Manchester Ct. They have very limited appetizers, the onion rings were probobly the best on the menu. Other than that the bison pot roast is pretty good. You have a choice for your steaks between bison or beef. The restaurant is just OK in my opinion.

        1. We ate at one in the Atlanta area last spring. Food was passable service was horrible. Ordered a cocktail and was served the salad with the cocktail. I told them to take the salad back and 5 mins later there it was again. 5 minutes later there wast the main told them to take that back to the kitchen and it was returned promptly to the table. Obviously we were being given the bums rush to get us out of there. Go again? I think not.

          1. Ted is actually the biggest land holder in several western states due to him buying up ranches and raising Bison on them.