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What brand Hot Dogs have "Snap"

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ok...i live in OC and SD and I am looking for hotdogs in local grocery stores (pavillions, ralphs, smart and final, etc., etc.) that have "snap".

My question is, how do you know if its a good hot dog and has "SNAP"???

I've tried the ussual mainstream ones like Hoffy, Farmer John, etc. and they aint got that true "snap".

And I also dont like really want to buy every single brand available in the grocery to find that perfect dog that has "snap" (and flavour of course :)

.can anyone reccomend me a good brand hot dog (and name/type) that has "snap" that is available at "most" grocery stores such as Ralph's (I also dont feel like mail ordering hot dogs, although Im pretty sure they'll be good)

Im just lookin for a quick buy and bite.

any help greatly appreciated!!!

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  1. Dodger Dogs. Available at any major retailer.

    1. depends where in OC you are. but there's a market called "henrys" in aliso viejo/laguna hills that has a brand that has "snap". it might well be the only one they have there so go check it out.

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        Yeah, if you are not opposed to butcher shops I know a place in the San Diego area. If you ask about local places that sell snappy dogs on the California Board, I'll be happy to post there.

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          There's also a Henry's in Fullerton north of the 91 @ Harbor, south of Orangethorpe.

        2. I've always thought that natural casing dogs have the most snap. The ones that have no casing definitely have NO snap. Although the flavor isn't my favorite, Nathan's all beef dogs always have snap - I believe that they're distributed nationally these days. My favorite dog, flavor-wise, is Hebrew National. Their thin ones are snappy, but their big ones are not. Also, don't buy dogs that swell up when cooking - they're full of water and the texture is awful even when they do snap.

          1. You need to look for natural casing dogs, the casing is what keeps everything tight and gives that "snap" when you bite in to it. Most dogs sold in supermarkets are the skinless kind (manufactured by stuffing plastic like man-made "casings", cooked, then squeezed out of the casings and packaged. Ralph's has a Private Selection house brand that have natural casings. Sabrette and Vienna Beef are major producers of natural casing dogs, but it is very rare to find their products in any Southern California supermarket, you can order their products from distributors via the Internet though. You can also order natural casing dogs from the major smokehouses on the Internet, suche as Nueske or Burger's, etc. Alternatively I have seen some of the Farmer John hot links with natural casings in my local Ralphs.

            Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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              There was a thread on the LA board some time ago about this and Sabrettes are available at the Pavillions in Westlake Village. I did find them there and also at the one in Calabasas but another one I checked didn't have them. So I'd call some local Pavillions and ask.

            2. Boar's Head brand in natural casing.

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              2. I agree with everyone else that you need a hotdog with a natural casing, definitely not a skinless dog. The one I see most frequently in generic supermarkets is the Boars Head natural casing dog, its a pretty good brand. You might also want to check out any local butcher shops. They might stock their own hotdogs with natural casing.

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                  ChowFun (derek)

                  I concur..for a brand that you can find IN a supermarket..I have found Boars Head to be the best.......my favorite in NY (although I now live in S.F.) is at Papaya King on East 86th and Third!...Boars Head is close...!

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                  JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

                  My favorite hot dogs are the ones that I get from the butcher counter at a decent grocery store. The flavor of them is leagues better than the national brands, and they always have that nice snap.

                  Link: http://thecosmicjester.blogspot.com

                  1. You might try getting away from the natioanl brands in the major markets and going to a specialty Deli. Assuming the OC and SD mean Orange County & San Diego, CA., why don't you consider:

                    Tip Top Meats & European Deli
                    6118 Paseo del Norte
                    Carlsbad, CA
                    (760) 438-2620

                    I suggest you read Professor Salt's review at the link below, and then visit or phone them and describe to them specifically want you're looking for.

                    I solved the exact same problem myself by going to J & T European Gourmet Food Co. in Santa Monica.

                    Link: http://professorsalt.com/2005/03/27/m...

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                      Michael E. Payne

                      What you are equating with "snap" in a hot dog is actually another way of saying that you want a hot dog that is in a casing. Casings in America are most always Pork with some beef, while in Germany, most casings are made of Sheep. The trick is to find a good authentic hot dog that has good stuff on the inside as well as a good casing. Hot Dogs with casings should be firm enough to "snap" but not thick enough that the casings are chewy. For a great hot dog, you might try Schaller and Weber, out of New York, Boars Head, also out of New York, and even Walmart was carrying a brand that was pretty good. Although I don't live in Chicago, I think you'll be hard pressed to find a frank as good as a Vienna Brand Hot Dog, but I do love the authentic German ones as well.