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Mar 27, 2006 12:54 PM

Foods for upset stomach

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there was a recent thread about foods to eat when you've got the runs.

What about if you just have a general stomach ache? No other symptoms, just lack of hunger and a painful tummy. Would yogurt be a good idea? It seems soothing and would add some good bacteria to the area. I assume ginger, white bread, crackers are all good ideas(?)


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  1. Definitely crystalized ginger, or ginger tea to help invoke appetite... it works for me when I'm driving in the mountains.

    1. Yogurt is a good choice; I also like miso soup for this (plain, without any vegetables or anything in it).

      1. A drop of peppermint oil (not extract) in a pitcher of water has been soothing my stomache all weekend. It was great when I felt a little sick to my stomach, but also good for when I overeat.

        I read that it's recommended for IBS, too.

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          even easier....peppermint tea. i drink all the time for any mild stomache discomfort.

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            Pâté chinois

            Fennel tea also works wonders! It basically saves the life of an IBS-sufferer I know, and really is soothing.

            I, also, would avoid all dairy products, as well as meats (because they are so hard to digest), and go for potatoes, white rice (fiber in brown rice hard to digest and irritating), very well cooked carrots, very little oil/butter/seasonings other than salt and herbs, and apple sauce.

            It's bland, but it puts you back on track well and quickly.

            Link: http://patechinoisco.blogspot.com

        2. Just my opinion, but I would not eat yogurt. Dairy products can be irritating to your stomach.

          1. A pilsner beer.