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Mar 26, 2006 09:13 PM

Roti translation needed

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Well, I keep stopping in at Annie's Roti Shop in South Ozone park and I'm still puzzled by many of the items on the menu. I've searched the internet and I can't find any references to these items so now I'm throwing it out to the pack. If anyone can help with these, I'll try to organize the results into a wikipedia entry. Thanks to all in advance!

Tomato Choka
Bigan Choka
Sada Roti
Aloo Pie

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    Seth Chadwick

    Most of this is from memory, but I think these are all correct:

    Bodi - a long bean, similar to a green bean.
    Bhaggie - ??
    Bigan - eggplant
    Ochro - okra
    Tomato Choka - stewed tomatoes with garlic and spices
    Bigan Choka - simmered eggplant with spices
    Carralli - ??
    Eddoes - This is a tuber, much like yaro or yucca. Very good.
    Pelau - A stewed meat. For those of us here in the Southwest, it is similar in texture and color to machaca.
    Sada Roti - I think this is just a style of roti, not related to the fillings, but to the dough itself.
    Phoulorie - These are fritters made from split pea flour. Pretty tasty, but hot sauce makes them much better.
    Aloo Pie - Turnovers with potato filling. Can be spicy or mild.
    Saheena - Deep fried spinach patties. Fried spinach is drastically underrated. :o)
    Niganie - ??
    Achra - ??
    Kachorie - I think that is a fried herb patty/fritter, but don't quote me on that.

    I hope that helps. I apologize I don't know more, but I have had roti since one of my colleagues introduced me to roti many years ago.

    I am envious.


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      Bhaggie -- "I say it's spinach, and I say the hell with it."

      1. re: Seth Chadwick

        Sounds like Carralli might be the same as Kerella - i.e. bitter gourd.

        1. re: Seth Chadwick

          Sada Roti - just plain roti

          Kachorie - a roti with filling and deep-fried usually

          Achra - could this be Achar (pickled condiment) ?

          Carralli - I think this is karella (or however it's spelled), which is a bitter vegetable, and I can't remember the English name for it

          Bhaggie - I think this is simply bhaji, which is a generic name for a vegetable dish (onion, potato, cauliflower)

          1. re: Seth Chadwick

            Aloo pie can also be filled with CHANA, chickpea mix.

            I assume you already know and love roti "buss-up-shut"...yes?

            1. re: Mike R.

              Ah, so that's how you spell it! Just learned about it from the Baron Ambrosia


          2. I just posted a possible place to get an answer on the Not About Food board...


            1. This might be about 3 years too late, but I've only just joined the board. And came across your post.

              Bodi - long slender green bean.
              Bhaggie - Its a type of spinach. Its the leafy part to a root vegetable used in the callaloo soup. Quite a broad almost heart shaped leaf.
              Bigan - I think its the indian term for the Aubergive
              Ochro - Lady fingers, aka ochra - used alot in New Orleans gumbo
              Tomato Choka - its a dish where the tomatoes are grilled, then mashed with the addition of raw onions and raw garlic and cilantro. Hot oil is added to the mixture.
              Bigan Choka - Similar to Tomato choka, just made with aubergine instead.
              Carralli - its a gourd, with a rough skin. If used, it is salted and dried to remove some of the bitter liquid.
              Eddoes - Starchy root vegetable. Quite sticky when boiled, can be used like yucca
              Pelau - Chicken, peas and rice cooked in one pot. The chicken is cooked in carmelised brown sugar, then the addition of rice and peas, cooked off in chicken stock and coconut milk.
              Sada Roti - Levened bread, similar to naan
              Phoulorie - fried dough. Dough made from flour and saffron.
              Aloo Pie - Dough filled with potatoes (alloo) which is seasoned, then all deep fried.
              Saheena - Chopped spinach, dipped in a cornflour dough, then deep fried
              Niganie - ??
              Achra - Accra? Dough mixed with salted cod, then deep fried
              Kachorie - Dough ball made from chickpea flour, well seasoned, then deep fried!
              See the trend here??