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Mar 25, 2006 12:06 AM

Please tell me about Chow Yuke / Chow Yoke

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A former Chinese Polynesian restaurant that is just Chinese-American now, had something on the menu called Chow Yuke that I've never seen before.

I'm guessing that this is some kind of American dish that is supposed to be Chinese like Chow Mein.

Googling it didn't come up with much. Google asked me if I meant Chow Yoke. Is this the same?

Chow Yoke seems to have Chinese-Polynesian restaurant origins.

So wondering what this dish is and the history of it.



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  1. Chow Yoke simply means (pan) fried meat, just as chow mein means pan fried noodles. In Chinese cooking meat most often is pork. So chow yoke is probably pan fried pork.

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    1. re: Peter

      Just a side comment:

      On last Saturday's GREEN HORNET TV Episode from 1966, the "Praying Mantis" (my favorite episode), at the end, Britt Reid (the GH) and his secretary are in a Chinese Restaurant. The last line of the episode is Britt asking Casey..."Want some Peek Chow Yuk?". Then he feeds it to her from his chop sticks.

      Just a timely coincidence.

    2. In my Americanized-Chinese childhood, my parents *always* got Beef Chow Yoke, which was slices of beef, and sliced of mushrooms, in a brown sauce, very heavy.


      1. I don't think chow mein is made-up dish.

        I think you're thinking of chop suey.

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          Chow mein isn't a made-up-by-Americans dish, but the stuff called chow mein that Americans of my age (I'm 52) were served as children certainly wasn't authentic.

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            You are right. I was thinking of chop suey and not chow mein.

            Well, I had it today. I mean life is too short not to try almond chicken dink chow yuke at least once.

            As someone mentioned it is in a brown sauce. In this case it wasn't heavy. They woked a bunch of chopped chicken, carrots, celery, water chestnuts,almonds and onions and then finished it by ladeling over the brown sauce. It was put in the take-out carton and topped with peanuts.

            Nothing to send anyone out of their way for, but it was actually tasty.