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Mar 24, 2006 10:55 AM

low acid coffee

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My boyfriend has been told he needs to give up coffee for his acid reflux. This will not happen. Can anyone recommend a good tasting low-acid coffee?

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  1. There is this stuff, coffee tamer i think, in little packets that you can put in coffee to tame the acidity for these exact purposes. It was given to me by my FIL, so I can't tell you where to find it. works well, although i no longer need it!

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      You can buy it online. Vermont Country Store used to carry it in little shaker bottles. They may still offer it.


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        the darker the coffee is roasted the lower the acid

    2. I'd suggest giving cold brewing a shot. Cold brew coffee is significantly less acidic than drip, and still has a great taste.


      1. I have a friend with the same prob. as your boyfriend. She also refuses to give up her coffee habit and who can blame her? She swears by Door County Coffee, says she has tried lots of brands and that seems to be the one with least amount of acid and lets her drink coffee without pain. Hope this helps. We live in the midwest so this brand can be found at many coffee and gourmet shops. Maybe you can find them on line as well.

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          I used to have the same problem too. Tried coffee tamer, low acid coffees, etc. Just gotta have my java. I found the best solution is Prilosec (OTC), every night.

        2. I second the recommendation of cold brewing...linked below is the apparatus I use for it. I switched to that method a couple of years ago and never looked back. Actually, if you read the lab results on their website, it indicates that the coffee is only slightly less acidic than regular coffee, so maybe it won't help much...but I find that the cold-brewed stuff is noticeably less likely to make my stomach feel acidic, for whatever reason.


          1. Several years ago, my mother had to change some of the foods in her diet to low acid. She swore by Kava coffee - she practically kissed the jar everytime the store still had it on the shelves.

            She was satisfied with instant but maybe there a ground form also. It worked for her. Donna