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Mar 22, 2006 08:17 AM

i love this yogurt

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after eating this stuff every morning for months, i feel compelled to put it out here...i know total yogurt and other delicious strained yogurts have been discussed lots here, but this is a lighter (1.5% milk fat) but still creamy and delicious alternative. the container says it has buckwheat, rice, barley, wheat, rye and oats inside, and they are magically suspended in the yogurt. i like peach best.

though total yogurt (the full fat one, with the little cannister of honey) is up there in the stratosphere of delicious yogurt options, the only thing that beats out these options is ronnybrook farms yogurt drinks. i don't know what it is--buttermilk?--but they are the far and away the creamiest most delicious yogurt product in new york (imho)


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  1. Can't find this stuff down here...but Kroger has recently started selling Emmi yogurt from Switzerland which has about half the fat of American yogurts so it actually tastes like yogurt. I fear they will stop selling it soon as the flavor choices seem to be dwindling...they have a mueslix version with grains in it.

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      I love liberte yogurt too--it is my absolute favorite! While I love their 6-grains version, I think I prefer their 2% fat plain (I add honey or jam)--perfection! I don't think their full fat vresion is worth it.

      1. re: D-NY

        Liberte's full-fat ***Mediterranean*** style yogurt is amazing if you ask me-- I love the mocha and also the plum walnut... (i think they do an organic non Mediterranean full-fat version that i have yet to try...)

        1. re: D-NY

          agree about the full fat-- rich to the point of being overwhelming.

          in nyc, i get it at fairway, but they have it at whole foods as well. the suburban stop and shop in central new jersey by my parents had it briefly (sequestered in the organic nook and not with the regular yogurt) but it's gone now. i hope for my mom's sake that they bring it back

          1. re: freddie

            Has anyone in Southern California seen this yogurt at our Whole Foods?

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              Disagree about the full fat liberté, which I believe is only 8% (unless they're two different varieties). The texture is unreal, somewhere between mousse and whipped cream, and the flavor is similarly rich. Overwhelming? Decadent, more like. And you don't have to lick the cup clean (though you might want to).

              Bought mine at Garden of Eden.

        2. where do you get it in nyc?

          1. I don't care for this yogurt- all those grains are a bit too rubbery-chewy.

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            1. re: Chris VR

              I second the rubbery, chewiness of the grains, although the yogurt part was good. I tried the strawberry.

            2. I tried the six grains yogurt on a trip to NYC several months ago and I've been craving it ever since. I wish I had tried more than one flavor and bought some to bring home. As far as their website says, it's not something I can find anywhere near southern California. I think I will try to create a homemade version because I can't imagine getting my hands on it again for a very long time.

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              1. re: xk!

                I suddenly feel smug. I may not have a Trader Joe's cloers than six hours away,or Total yogurt, but all my local grocery stores carry Liberte.

                It is very yummy. The mocha version is a good dessert.

              2. the 6 grain is AWESOME!!, whole foods (in s jersey) didn't start carrying it till wegmans came along and they have it. the peach and the pear are KILLER! haven't seen the mocha, wegmans can't seem to keep much of any flavor in stock.
                the mediteranean is much much thicker than anything other than greek style yogurts, but not enough flavor options (imho). still and all, i will drive the extra miles to get ahold of liberte(liberty) yogurts GO CANADA!!!