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Mar 16, 2006 02:29 PM

Best frozen pierogies?

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There a coupon for $1 off Mrs. T's pierogies. Are they any good?

Also, whenever I go into Polish or Eastern European markets there are quite a few different brands of frozen pierogies. Anyone have advice about these or any other brands of pierogies from the freezer?

Disclaimer: If the response is that home made are better, I know that. I never made a pierogie in my life and never intend to make one. Cooking frozen pierogies is a stretch of my cooking skills. There are limited restuarants in my area serving Pierogies ... so that leaves frozen. I'd appreceiate advice.

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  1. As someone who has tried (and failed miserably) to make pierogi at home, I understand your quest to find a good store brand.

    Sad to say, I would avoid Mrs. T. at all cost. I have yet to find a store brand that I love, but anything that you can find in a Polish deli/bakery would be better than the horror of the Mrs. T. brand. I can usually find a brand out of Chicopee MA (very Polish area in Western MA) at the local grocery store that aren't bad, but I can't remember the name off the top of my head.

    Good luck.

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      Forget the national brands and go to your local Polish restaurant or deli. In Chicago (ace pierogi town) The Red Apple (restaurant) on N Milwaukee at Hamlin sells their pierogis pre-packaged---there's a big freezer at the front of the restaurant---all varieties, low prices.

    2. Avoid Mrs. T's at all costs. Here is eastern MA, I have found the "Polish Priest" brand to be pretty good. I don't know where you are located, but if you are in New England, Big Y supermarkets carry them. They are nothing like the ones that my Baba used to make...boy I miss her and her pierogies.

      1. I am tempted to see whether I could get either Kasia or Mareva (both Chicago) to ship them out to the Bay Area to me directly. I do know when I lived out there, I successfully froze and used both of those. Mareva doesn't do direct shipping but sells to Whole Foods in other areas.


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          Must support this poster. These are fabulous and as a Chicago resident, I always have at least 3 containers in the freezer at all times. Excellent, consistent product and very easy to make.

        2. I haven't had these but a friend recommends them. In my youth, I spent way too many days making pierogi with my women relatives only to serve them to the men and see them gobbled up in minutes. My pierogi-making days are so over!

          During July's Lowell Folk Festival north of Boston, the Polish church ladies make them for sale. I stock up. For a real treat, visit the church festivals in the old Polish neighborhoods of Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc. and enjoy the pierogis and other Polish foods.


          1. Actually,I find that Mrs. T's aren't all that bad.
            The only beef I have with them is their lack of
            variety.For straight potato,they're pretty good.
            Thet're made heavy on the dough so they don't fall
            apart during cooking.I have some in my freezer
            (Hanka brand,old world style) that are pretty good,
            but they tend to fall apart.It's all in the preparation.I like to boil them 'till just firm,
            then saute them in butter and onions,served with
            sour cream.
            That said,there's an outfit called Millies Pierogi
            out of Chicopee Falls,MA. that makes just about as close as you can get to my mother's home-made.They
            set up shop every year at the 9th Ave. Int. Food Festival in Manhattan (in the vicinity of 50th st,)
            and they are to-die-for!!!Sauerkraut,Prune and Cottage
            Cheese sauted in butter & onions!!!They mail order as advertised in Saveur Mag.
            Millies Pierogi
            129 Broadway,Chicopee Falls,MA. 01020
            I DO occasionally make my own,and these are definately
            worth trying.