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Mar 15, 2006 07:11 PM

Honey w/ do I eat it?

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I just received as a gift a plastic box of honey with the honeycomb. How do I eat this? Can I eat the waxy comb, or just the honey butter and how do I separate the comb if it is not edible?

Thanks from a honeycomb rooky!

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  1. Eat it all, the crunchy comb is delicious. Set it out on a platter with a few quality cheeses.


    1. Oh memories! A honeycomb, just like when we were kids.

      Eat everything. Put it on a plate, 'cos once you break into the comb, the honey will drip down through.

      Have fun!

      - Sean

      1. THANK YOU!

        I have wondered this for many years.

        I haven't ever purchased it because it did not come with instructions. :)

        1. Oh my god...

          You sent me right back to 1946. Someone regularly sent us a wooden box with a comb full of honey in it, and every morning mom would make me some toast, and scrape out a wad of comb and honey and spread it on there, all mooshed up together. How totally lovely that was.

          Damn, I want some right now.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            We're of the same vintage, Will. It was years before I knew honey came without the wax. I ate it by the spoonful (when I could sneak it from the pantry) and then chewed on the wax until every smidge of flavor was gone.

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              Count me in on that vintage, guys!

              - Sean

              1. re: Sean Dell

                I've got 2 jars of precious sourwood honey with comb in my pantry right now. Wonderful stuff.

          2. I recognize at least one of you from the L.A. area boards.

            Thanks, all, for your responses and for your info. We will look forward to trying it -- comb and all!