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Honey w/ Honeycomb...how do I eat it?

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I just received as a gift a plastic box of honey with the honeycomb. How do I eat this? Can I eat the waxy comb, or just the honey butter and how do I separate the comb if it is not edible?

Thanks from a honeycomb rooky!

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  1. Eat it all, the crunchy comb is delicious. Set it out on a platter with a few quality cheeses.


    1. Oh memories! A honeycomb, just like when we were kids.

      Eat everything. Put it on a plate, 'cos once you break into the comb, the honey will drip down through.

      Have fun!

      - Sean

      1. THANK YOU!

        I have wondered this for many years.

        I haven't ever purchased it because it did not come with instructions. :)

        1. Oh my god...

          You sent me right back to 1946. Someone regularly sent us a wooden box with a comb full of honey in it, and every morning mom would make me some toast, and scrape out a wad of comb and honey and spread it on there, all mooshed up together. How totally lovely that was.

          Damn, I want some right now.

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          1. re: Will Owen

            We're of the same vintage, Will. It was years before I knew honey came without the wax. I ate it by the spoonful (when I could sneak it from the pantry) and then chewed on the wax until every smidge of flavor was gone.

            1. re: Pat Hammond

              Count me in on that vintage, guys!

              - Sean

              1. re: Sean Dell

                I've got 2 jars of precious sourwood honey with comb in my pantry right now. Wonderful stuff.

          2. I recognize at least one of you from the L.A. area boards.

            Thanks, all, for your responses and for your info. We will look forward to trying it -- comb and all!

            1. OK now you got me interested in trying honey with comb. Where can I buy this? I've never seen it sold this way anywhere. NYC here.

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              1. re: Laval

                Hi Laval,

                Please start a new thread on your local NYC board.

                Manhattan has its own board, here:

                The other 4 boroughs are discussed on the Outer Boroughs board

                Thanks, and good luck on your quest!

                1. The crunchy comb is beeswax. It also contains bee propolis and several other things that are good for you. But, it being wax, you probably shouldn't fill up on it. As another poster pointed out, chew on it for a while and then spit it out when the flavor is gone. It's kind of like chewing gum that way.

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                  1. re: flavrmeistr

                    that's what I do. I used to rent a room from someone in Sydney Australia who had some bees. He gave us a big "slab" of honeycomb. We'd chew the whole thing. When the honey was done, we'd be left with the wax, which was like chewing gum. I'd chew it until the flavor left, then spit it out.

                    amazing stuff...