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Mar 11, 2006 10:57 PM

The Tamale Museum and the Tamale Festival

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Looking for info on large tamales, I came across the Tamale Museum in San Juan Capistrano and a Tamale festival in Indio.

In the link below if you click on programes there is a movie - "Mano," a fascinating film focusing on the tactile and poetic hands of Oaxacan women tying, twisting, tucking and twirling tamales of many different flavors and shapes that are typical of that historic region."


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  1. Hi there,

    I came across that same video. I was looking for it a s Mano too - but it's called Metate, not Mano. It's fascinating - no one else has mentioned it and I'd been trying to find out if it's for sale. It is a beautifully poetic piece. I finally did find out that it is not for sale, but rented out for a fee for educational purposes. I believe the mueseum will be opening soon as Tamal - it had a temporary home in Olvera Street which is where I saw the video. Anyone who hasn't had a chance to see it, should do so when it opens up - if for no other reason than to see that video. It's actually a visual of a Mole recipe - the sounds are each ingredient being ground to go into he Mole. It's beautiful.