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Mar 11, 2006 12:58 PM

Best Fruit Basket Delivery in U.S.?

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Hi, I'm wondering who in the U.S. is best for fruit basket deliveries? my sister-in-law in NY wants to order multiple fruit baskets as gifts. Thanks.

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  1. Our experience (over the years) with Harry & David has been 100% positive. Have not had a mixed basket, but have (many times) had their Royal Riviera Pears and have received gifts of other pears, apples, cherries, fruit-of-the month, and glaceed fruit. Everything was wonderful. They have a good website.

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      and once you get in their database, they'll keep spammin' ya. That's my only quibble with them.

    2. My parents got one of these fruit bouquets last week and really loved it. Very pretty for a party.


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        I received one of these at Thanksgiving and thought it was great. The fruit was very good, and mine came with an all natural chocolate sauce to eat up and dip the fruit in.

      2. Check out Manhattan Fruitier. Their baskets and arrangements are simply beautiful and the product, whether fresh fruit or dried is stellar. I've used them often and they always elicit oohs and aahs as well as profuse thanks.


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