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foods to eat and drink with an upset stomach

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what should you drink and/or eat when you have the... runs? i'm wanting warm mile but i should avoid that??

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  1. Rice and tofu are good bland options.

    Also, anything that promotes substantial bulk. Insoluble fiber is good.

    Also, as I'm sure you know, avoid caffeine, coffee, teas, and artificial sweeteners.

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      Beef stew with plenty of hot sauce washed down by Guinness stout. Works for me every time.

    2. Gingerale, 7up or Sprite is always good. I usually stick to toast with just a little butter on it and gingerale when my stomach is upset.

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        In our family the rule was warm ginger ale (room temperature), cold stuff is not good for a bad stomach.

      2. Bland foods! If my stomach is upset as well as my colon, I usually stick to plain toast, rice, veggie broth (chicken soup is good for a non-veg) and when I start to get my appetite back, veggie broth w/ little noodles in it. If my stomach is not upset, then I'll eat things with fiber to stop the runs, like apples, but not too much fiber b/c I don't want to upset my stomach.

        Ginger is a good soother for upset stomach, as is papaya extract. Ginger ale is great b/c it's easier to stomach than many other drinks, and your condition causes dehydration as well. So drink lots of soothing liquids.

        1. Saltines. That'll bottle you right up...

          1. To answer your original question, dairy isn't a good idea, so no warm milk. And there's no better food on the planet for counteracting the runs than Matzoh!! Trust me, after 8 days of Passover we are wishing for the runs!

            1. saltines to bind, yogurt to restore your stomach flora, sports drink to replenish your electrolytes.

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                Yes, Gatorade. Get a bunch of different colors. If you are as sick as my husband was last summer, you can verify based on color that yes, that liquid DID run right through you. (I just took his word for it)

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                  ugh, gatorade! the pediatrician recommended it for stomach flus and such when i was a small child. now if i even smell the lemon-lime original gatorade, i get queasy. but i still swear by it if i'm sick!

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                    so funny. My Mom always made me drink ginger ale when I was sick... now, even though I love ginger, ginger ale makes me queasy.

                    I'm so glad she didn't ruin Gatorade for me ;-)

              2. Rice porridge always works for me. 10 to 1 ratio, 10 cups of water to 1 cup of rice. It's really bland so you might want to add some defatted chicken broth.

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                  Yup, that's what I use too - jook/congee.

                2. It's called the BRAT diet

                  I've gotten seriously ill (more than once) from what looks like food poisoning but I think is an allergic reaction to enoki mushrooms. It was opposite from the runs, ended up in the hospital and the ER docs said BRAT diet.

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                    ditto, this is good plan

                  2. j
                    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

                    I just went through a bout of stomach flu myself. Gatorade is your friend. It's all that I had all day. Ginger ale is a good idea too, especially if you add a dash or three of Angostura bitters, a classic bartender's remedy.

                    Link: http://thecosmicjester.blogspot.com

                    1. b

                      Sprite ALWAYS works for me. Bananas, hot tea, and maybe white rice with some chicken broth also help. Anything that is too bland or too fragrant will get my gag reflex going. Water doesn't work either.