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Mar 3, 2006 05:27 PM

Morton's Steakhouse

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Any opinions on Morton's quality, I recently received a mailing for what seems to be a very good deal: Dinner for 2 for $89?? What gives??

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  1. Paul, Like most high end steakhouses, Morton's uses mind control to enhance your dining experience. Powerful cocktails insure that $8.00 for a side of broccoli seems perfectly reasonable. Market price for Lobster is the same as for laser eye surgery in Canada. In the end, you'll have a great steak, wonderful wine, excellent service and a nagging feeling about your upcoming mortgage payment.

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    1. re: Leper
      Mike McElliott

      *Morton's uses mind control*
      This is not true. It pains me that, given Mortons does so much so right, I won't return. I haven't been there in a long time. As I recall it, the wine list was awesome, or at least appropriate, the service was way beyond excellent, the ambience was total comfort. The food--mixed; the best porterhouse I've ever had, a stellar baked potato, a very good salad, a totally boring 400 oz strip steak (kidding--but it did seem it was that large, and that boring) I dunno. If the meat quality was more consistent and there was a way to order something less than 400 lb per person (Gibson's, for example, emphatically makes a point of saying that sharing is OK.), I'd return to Morton's. I just can't handle the excess--both in principle and in fact.

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        My husband and I have happily split entrees and/or sides at Mortons. They were most gracious about it.

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          Mike McElliott

          Thank you for the Emily Litella moment--you quite simply punctured my rant. Thank you, and "never mind". I look forward to trying Morton's again.

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        Every restaurant uses mind control, or no one would dine out.

      3. High quality beef prepared exceptionally well. They claim all their beef comes from one central commissary, my experience at Morton's in Chicago, New York, Boston and Atlanta has always been consistently outstanding. I really enjoy their New York strip, cooked perfectly to medium rare the way I prefer it and juicy and flavorful.

        This is the epitome of a high-end chain experience, I always know what to expect.

        Go for the beef. The sides and various accompaniements have never impressed me that much, and the meat display is gimmicky, but if you like good beef, this is the place. The prices are not out of line, expect to pay for a good beef experience.

        As I am currently on the liquid diet, the last time I had a steak was about 8 months ago, so I can only live vicariously through reading reports of good beef encounters.

        Link: http://www.indefatigable-indolence.or...

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          I'm glad you know what to expect. I've eaten at Morton's first and last time. Service was exceptional, martini excellent, porterhouse, medium rare was tough and flavorless. Have had great T-bones at my local Greek mom and pop that were four star, for ten bucks. Sorry, for a c-note I expected more at Morton's.


        2. The local Morton's does not always prepare prime rib, so if you like prime rib (what's not to like?) ask about it right away, before all the servings are spoken for. Also consider Morton's Legendary Hot Chocolate Cake. It oooozzes. You have to order it when you order your meal, not after, so they have it done for dessert.

          Side dishes are irrelevant, here. And one Maker's Mark before dinner fixes me fine. That's a liberal pour.

          1. Don't turn the pig.

            At the center of the table, there's a pig candleholder. It might not seem like much to you, but it is the key to their service. When your server enters the orders, they go in order, with the seat the pig is facing first.

            When the food is brought to your table, that's how the runners know who gets what. Rotate the pig one seat after your orders are taken, and the food will be delivered one seat off.

            1. We, also, received the 2/$89 coupon and went last night. Nobody who's doing wonderful business is couponing. We hadn't been to Morton's in years, but were tempted by the offer. You get a choice of salad, house or Caesar, single cut filet, crab cake or shrimp, choice of vege, and either creme brulee or the hot chocolate cake for dessert. My house salad was off, too much iceberg and too giant pieces of romaine, too much salad dressing. DH loved his Caesar, and I sampled it and it was very good. The filets came accompanied by a very good Bernaise, and both the shrimp that my husband chose and my crab cake(99% crab) were really delicious. The asparagus was tough, but the Lyonnaise potatoes were flavorful and tender. DH loved the chocolate cake (not my favorite...any choc cake), and I was glad I chose creme brulee. Quite good, great texture, with just the right amount of crust, which contrasted nicely with the underneath. There certainly is not much cutting edge cuisine involved here, sort of got the impression that it was upscale comfort food. The only sour note was at the waitress's attitude when she realized that we were "couponers" and not going to spend 2x what we were there for. We did order 1 martini apiece and coffee with dessert, so we weren't being totally cheap. It looked to me that half the place was getting the coupon menu. They were about 1/2 full, which for the first Friday in Lent was probably a good showing. I totalled our dinners at about $65 each before dessert which wasn't listed on the regular menu, so at 2/$89, we felt it was a decent value. The waitress did give us the coupon back and told us to use it any time again before May 15, so I guess this location may be in serious trouble. With many other good, independent steakhouses to pick from here, we wouldn't spend the menu price for this place, but we may go back at the sale price again, which may be their objective.

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                Maybe their expectation was that you would "upgrade."

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                  Do you have the coupon code? My husband and I would love to try Mortons with this special.