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Feb 26, 2006 12:09 PM

What is the best Biscuit/Cookie/Pastry to eat with Tea?

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You know how good it tastes to drink your tea or coffee though a cookie?

I've heard Australian Tim Tams are the best.

Any other suggestions?


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  1. Madeleines, of course.

    1. I second the madeleines! But a close contender, especially for certain types of tea, would be lemon poppyseed shortbread cookies.

      1. The other suggestions are mouth-watering, but best is biscotti.

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        1. Does it have to be a sweet cookie?

          On a recent FoodTV show (Roker?) the owener of a tea shop (Harlem Tea Room?) recommended different foods for different teas. While she recommended some sort a lemon cake with one tea, she recommended a savory sandwich with a different tea, and so forth. What's the classic British tea sandwich? Water cress and cucumber?

          Maybe this British tea and biscuit site has the answer

          This site rates the Abby Crunch as the best biscuit (cookie). I haven't had this, but do like Hobnobs which are in the same category.

          presents the biscuit of the week.

 looks at the tamtam.
          An Austrialian cookie that you can make yourself is the ANZAC biscuit, a coconut/oat/golden syrup cookie.



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            No, you can't beaet a Tim Tam *Orgasm* as its known here in Oz. Bite each end off and suck the tea up through the middle, while the whole chocolate gooey mess just melts into heaven - YUM! Its even better now as there are about 8 different Tim Tam flavours to choose from.

            Also great is a plain digestive biscuit, McVities of course, though I can see the attraction of Hob Nobs - very similar to Anzacs (which I have a good recipe for if your interested)...