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Feb 11, 2006 09:41 PM

Red Burgundy Question

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Was given the opportunity to purchase wine from a producer called Dubreuil-Fontaine. (The prices are great for Burgs so I am eager.)
I have done internet searches and there is no substantial information on the reputation of the producer. (Although they have a nice web site)
Can anyone verify the pedigree?

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  1. That's not a producer I'm familiar with either, so I'll address your question in a round about way. In Burgundy, vintage and producer are paramount. Who is the US importer? That can be a clue too.

    I googled and saw that a couple of the 2002 reds from Dubreuil-Fontaine popped up on the website of San Francisco Wine Trading Company. They are indeed well-priced compared to their neighbors. SFWTC is a great wine store, and is especially strong on non-Bordeaux French selections. The fact that it has the wine in its inventory suggests to me that this is a quality producer that's worth the money.

    The 2002 vintage in Burgundy produced lush, beautifully balanced wines that are very easy to taste now. While they certainly will reward aging, if you buy a bottle and crack it open, you will still find something enjoyable now. Please let us know how you like them if you end up buying. I'm very curious.


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      Richard Laurence

      The importer is named Robert Chadderdon. Googling him hasn't helped either, he appears on lots of hits, but no independant collaboration!!

      1. re: Richard Laurence

        Chadderdon has a small portfolio and, I'm told, is rather mysterious and difficult to work with. He has top notch producers (Huet, Billecart-Salmon, Boxler, Quintarelli, etc.) that are priced at a premium to the market and is quite selective about their retail placement. Now it's coming together in my head. SFWTC is one of the few retailers in my area that has jumped through all the hoops to work with Chadderdon.

        I'd go for the burgs.

        1. re: Melanie Wong
          Hugh Maitland Wilson

          "He has top notch producers (Huet, Billecart-Salmon, Boxler, Quintarelli, etc."

          I would jump through hoops, roll over, play dead, fetch and jump for each of these producers. If the Burgundy is keeping company with them you should buy as much as you want.

          1. re: Hugh Maitland Wilson

            Hugh, if someone catches that act on video, I'd love to see a copy. (ggggg)

      2. re: Melanie Wong

        As stated, in Burgundy, the year is everything. In addition, Dubreuil-Fontaine makes several Burgs. Their Corton-Charlemagne are expensive (as are all from that area) but wonderful. Their less expensive wines, like the Ile des Vergelesses tend to be light, somewhat tannic, and acidic.