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Feb 10, 2006 03:05 PM

What's BAD at Trader Joe's?

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We've had plenty of threads hashing out what's good, but a thread below on the risotto got me wondering what else should be avoided.

I agree that the TJs risottos aren't very good. I also have to heartily recommend against the pierogies.

So what other TJ-branded (or only available at TJ)products should be avoided?

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  1. I will preface this by agreeing that there are a lot of good things- but for the bad stuff:

    two buck chuck sav blanc ( have not tried any others)
    bried in brioche (not sure if it is TJ branded)

    1. Another TJ's fan here. My short list:

      -frozen asparagus stalks (stringy, limpy mess)
      -milk (sometimes goes bad before exp date)
      -TJs vegetarian chili in a big round can (weird off-flavor)
      -Hansen's diet soda (not a TJs item of course, but it's so nasty I couldn't not include it).
      -white or whole wheat "naan" in the oblong shape. I use quotes since it's nothing like naan, but I'm not dinging it for that, I'm dinging it b/c twice now it's gotten moldy the day after I bought it.

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      1. re: Alice Patis

        I did not like the frozen asparagus either.

        1. re: valerie

          Third the Frozen Asparagus and also add the Frozen Garlic Herb Fries... just VILE! :P


          1. re: Dommy!

            NOBODY'S frozen asparagus is any good, just like frozen mushrooms; there are some things people simply should not try to freeze. Somebody must like all this awful stuff, though, 'cause if it stops selling they stop selling it.

            1. re: Will Owen

              Exactly. Corn and peas freeze very well. Green beans aren't bad. Okra freezes ok, Like frozen pearl onions, they work well and a lot easier than having to peal fresh ones. Other than that, not much worth buying frozen. One haa to appriciate living on the west coast where fresh produce is available almost year round.

              1. re: Will Owen
                quiz wrangler

                So true - that asparagus is ghastly! I was amazed to read an article about the big business that is frozen guacamole. Good lord! Once someone brought pre-made guacamole to one of our parties. We forgave them because they had only recently arrived here from the UK and obviously didn't know yet that friends don't do that to friends, at least not in California.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  Oh ye of little faith: put the asparagus in a quiche with a mixture of Swiss and Feta cheese. Use the tips.

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    Asparagus does not freeze well. I know gardeners that grow a lot of it and never freeze. I use TJ's frozen tips to make cream of asparagus soup....can't beat the price especially when fresh is not available or expensive.

                    We do not like the TJ breads. The low sodium soy sauce is barely tolerable.

            2. Two Buck Chuck
              All of the cured and smoked sausages

              1. Frozen fish - at least the scrod/halibut. Some of the TJ own brand cereals are nasty too. Had one with raisins literally as hard as rocks.

                1. Oh, my! Where to start?

                  The frozen enchiladas (any flavor), the frozen gnocchi, the refrigerated tamales, the "caponata" pasta sauce (I guess they make a plain old caponata as well that others say is good), artichoke pesto, basically every prepared food I've tried except the soups that come in that funny shaped can.