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Feb 6, 2006 04:37 PM

Where can I get "Schug"

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I have been buying a hot red pepper mix called "Schug" It was made by Sabra foods (they make Hummus, Baba Ganoush etc.) (Sp?) They have recently repackaged their entire line and as far as I can tell they no longer make Schug. An email to them went unanswered. Does any one know of another brand or where I can get this? I've found a couple of recipes on line but would rather buy it. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Don't know where you are located, but I saw it last week at Shop Rite on Rt.130 (E.Windsor) in the Kosher aisle refrig. shelves.

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    1. re: Aimee

      Thanks Much but I'm assuming you're in E. Windsor,CT. Thats a just a bit far even for schug :) But I do appreciate your responding.

      1. re: Chas

        actually E. Windsor, NJ (NJ turnpike exit 8a)

    2. j
      Judith Hurley

      I'm wondering about the repackaging. I've been unable to get their hummus at the place I usually get it. Should I be looking for something with a different name?

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        Judith - the new packaging has the same colors just slightly updated to a more modern/mid-eastern look. hard to describe but you'd be inclined to not miss it. To be honest, I have a number of mid-eastern food places near me here in Brooklyn, NY and would buy their "homemade" versions of Hummus, Baba Ganeoush etc. rather than storebought. It's the schug that I cant readily find near here.

        1. re: Chas

          Just a suggestion. Ask at the prepared food stores if they have any "schug" that they use in their cooking, that they might be willing to sell you in a small container.

          I did this when my grocer/butcher/caterer here in St. Louis, Kohn's, was out of packaged zatar. Lenny Kohn kindly put a cup or so in a deli container, charged me a very fair price, and I was on my way. Actually, I wish he would regularly package things that he can buy in bulk, and thus sell to us at a lower price!

          I think I have some months-old schug in the back of my fridge, which I'd be happy to share, but alas, you are not around the corner.
          Take care & good luck, p.j.


          1. re: Chas
            Judith Hurley

            Well that's Brooklyn. This is San Jose, CA. Great weather and easy access to the Pacific coast line, but not much in the way of little delis with house made hummus :-)

        2. I have seen this at the ShopRite in Plainview, LI. Think I saw it at the Fairway in Plainview as well.

          1. Where are you located? In NYC there are many places to get it. practically everywhere on the LES... and UWS too...and in Queens, on Main Street there is a store Pereg, which sells all the Sabra products

            1. dont buy it..make it in a food processor..lots of hot red long peppers, lots of corriander, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, little water, salt..grind it all up well..much better than the jars