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Feb 1, 2006 01:15 PM

Best bread for grilled panini?

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I was given a new panini maker, but i'm not sure what kind of bread is the best. Focaccia? Ciabatta? French rolls?

any good advice? thanks!

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  1. I purchase a "white sourdough" from a local bakery sliced on the thinner side- brushed with s slight bit of butter...YUM. My favorite sandwich so far since I have started doing panini- grilled eggplant/shredded mozzarella, thin slices yellow pepper/ spinach, with a very light mayo mustard on the bread, kosher salt. YUM!

    1. Different types of bread will make different sandwiches, none of which is inherently better than the other. For example any sliced rye would make a good Ruben style sandwich in the machine. Or plain white bread for the classic grilled cheese. For simple lunch use, I prefer a firm multigrain bread. The rolls you mention would fit Italian style ingredients. The French rolls would also work for a Mexican style torta sandwich (even better, a Mexican tellera roll).