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Jan 31, 2006 12:31 PM

oatmeal - laxative or binding food?

  • k

is basic hot oatmeal cereal considered a laxative or binding type food?????????

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  1. I believe it has qualities of both. Binding is not the opposite of laxative. Fiber contributes to the laxative (stimulant) effect, while binding is, well, "holding everything together".

    1. I feed my doggies oatmeal when they have upset digestion and need binding . . .

      1. I vote laxative. My husband absolutely cannot eat steel cut oatmeal for that reason. I have a more forgiving belly, and consider it the perfect pre-endurance workout breakfast. It gives you long lasting carb-energy + it makes sure you can take care of certain things before you leave the house.

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        1. re: danna

          absolutely my favorite pre-long bike ride meal. for just those reasons. plus, unlike my multi-grain bagel bfast, the oatmeal keeps me from bonking as early! it does leave a bit of a brick in the stomach, but coffee helps!

          1. re: fresser

            Yes, primo biking food. has that "stick to your ribs" quality. If I'm going on a ride where I don't care much about performance, i stop at my favorite bakery and get a cranberry-apricot (or chocolate chip) scone, but if it's a really long or competitive ride, I have to do the oatmeal.

            As for coffee...that's mandatory. I submit to you that there is something in coffee besides caffeine that improves performance. I don't get the same edge if I take caffiene in a pill.

            Happy trails!

            1. re: danna

              Nice to find another serious cyclist on CH! I agree with you on the coffee thing. But you know, I recently read something, i think in the NYT, about how coffee is actually bad pre-workout as it is bad for your HR (now of course can't remember if it lowers or raises it). It's weird, b/c I have always found it to be a terrific legal performance enhancer...though you definitely need just the right amount, or you feel awful.

          2. re: danna

            I might have to try this out -- never thought of that. I have a half marathon coming up and it starts so early in the morning; the faster I can clear the food out of my digestive system, the better.

            1. re: Dev

              give it a shot, but be sure you do a "test run" first, just to make sure it doesn't affect you like my husband. I don't marathon, but I have this huge fear of having...digestive issues...during a 10K.

              1. re: Dev

                I have one this weekend! Coffee definitely works for me in that respect. Oatmeal does not hold me on long runs, even cereal with milk or toast and pb doesn't do it. Last weekend I had 2 eggs and toast before my 10 miles, and I definitely did not get hungry like I usually do around mile 7.

                1. re: Jess

                  Thanks, Jess and Danna. I have a few weeks to practice, so I'll give this a try before my longer runs. I definitely never change things up on race morning! I usually eat a Greens Plus Bar, but need a little bit more for a Half Mara.

                  As for the coffee, I wish I could tolerate it before runs but I can't. It does it's job a little too well for me -- I end up with IBS symptoms. Not fun.

                  Jess, are you by any chance the famous Jessie on the Cool Running board?

            2. I understand it, any fiber helps maintain a balance.

              1. I don't consider it a laxative but it does provides bulk and fiber which would help regularity. Don't buy the quick or instant variety as those have little taste. Old Fashioned types will cook in 2 minutes in a micro wave and I always throw in nuts, raisins and raw honey. I tried steel cut but could never cook them enough to be edible.