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Jan 30, 2006 08:02 PM

seaweed salad--clear seaweed?

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does anyone know the name of the translucent, almost cellophane-y type of seaweed that is found in seaweed salad? i love the texture and consistency of it but can't seem to figure out which type of dried seaweed is the right one.

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  1. Is it possibly jellyfish, instead of seaweed?

    That is a good description of jellyfish, which is really good in salads.


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    1. re: Big Bunny

      no, i'm 99% certain it's a type of seaweed...and it's been in every seaweed salad i've ever eaten, from various places, so it must be somewhat common. hmmm!

      1. re: roxstarred

        My first guess would be agar-agar, but I'm not particularly fond of seaweed so haven't explored the field - but you can't help but bump into bags of agar in any Asian drygrocer. I mostly see it in long, thin strips (like thin fettucine) but it probably comes in other shapes, too.

        1. re: MikeG

          I think you are looking for one of the following:

          shiro tosaka nori
          shiro mafu nori

          or, possibly

          kanten (agar agar - in the string form)

          I have only seen the first two sold mixed with other seaweeds in prepackaged seaweed salad mixes at Japanese grocery stores in the states.

          Following is a link to an article about kanten.


          1. re: Yukari

            That is definitely agar-agar. We use it to make jello-type desserts instead of gelatin in Singapore. That's because its seaweed-based not from cow hoofs :) I feel they use agar-agar in seaweed salads as a filler cause its very cheap and the real seaweed itself is expensive. This way its technically "seaweed" although its been processed and formed into strands.

            BTW, even though I LOVE seaweed salad, it also has LOADS of sugar. Be forewarned.

        2. re: roxstarred

          There is a clear sea weed served and I want the name, too. I will get it next time I visit my sushi-ya.

          Thanks for reminding me.

          1. A picture will help:


            The OP is refering to the things that look like yellow strips of plastic on the bottom left. Pretty sure it's kanten(agar agar).

            If you google some prepackaged seaweed salads, you'll see that agar is listed as one of the ingredients.

            1. Idk wats it called, but I would like to know as well, honestly I didn't even know it was eatable, I was at the beach yesterday, it was littered with so much brown seaweed, but I got in the water and seen something I thought was a piece of a fishing net of some sort, but I picked it up and it was literally clear seaweed, it was so cool looking... ive been trying to find out what kind it is ever sence. I took a picture of it, anyone ever seen this before?