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Jan 27, 2006 03:50 PM

Two questions: Definition of Hong-Kong style/traditional way of presenting Peking Duck

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I recently had a great meal at a midtown Manhattan Chinese restaurant, far more upscale than my usual Chinese haunts, that describes its' cuisine as Hong Kong style. During several visits to Hong Kong, I always thought I was eating Cantonese food, and that Cantonese was the principal cuisine of the former territory because that was the origin of most of its residents. Question One: What is the difference between Cantonese and Hong Kong style? During this recent meal, we ordered Peking duck. After presentation of the whole duck, two plates were brought back to the table. One held the already formed pancakes filled with duck and scallions. The other plate held four duck legs. (Did they take two legs from another duck?) Before this dinner, I had always been served the pancakes first. When these were consumed, the next course would be a dish of duck and vegetables. So, Question Two is: What is the traditonal way of serving this dish and are there regional variations or does it vary depending on the particular restaurant for any reason? Also, what about the four legs? Thanks so much.

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  1. Well, Hong Kong is part of Canton (Guongdong). So Hong Kong food is Cantonese food. But of course there are a lot of variations within what is called Cantonese food. In Hong Kong you can get pracatically all existing variations of Cantonese cooking, plus plenty of other styles, including Peking duck. Peking duck, of course, is not really Cantonese cooking. The traditional serving of Peking duck is three ways: first the skin (with the wrapping etc.), which is the main reason for eating Peking duck, then the meat in a stir fry, then the bone in a soup.

    I don't know about the four legs. Maybe there was a little nuclear accident over at Long Island, where these Long Island ducks were raised.

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      Thanks. I thought Hong Kong and Cantonese food were one and the same, but some places bill themselves as Hong Kong-style and others as Cantonese so was curious as to any difference. Who knows about those legs!!