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Jan 27, 2006 02:55 PM

Strip Club eats

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Yes. There are some out there that have great eats, and I'm curious to hear from everybody out there who can testify to this. I'd say it's safe to use an anonymous name for this purpose if you need to.

I personally recall a place in Montreal that was known for its Sunday dinners, although I can't recall the name. But a pretty great buffet.

Also recall seeing Anthony Bourdain eating at a strip club on his new show. I think he had a sandwich of some sort.

Very curious to hear from you.

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  1. While this topic might be a somewhat self-conscious one, Chowhound's rules do not allow any user to use multiple nametags, and that includes choosing to be anonymous for a post. You're welcome to post about your strip club chow experiences, but please do so under your regular posting handle.

    1. The place that Tony Bourdain was in was Satin Doll's, the place that doubles for the Bada Bing on "The Sopranos".

      While researching for a recent trip, I read that Rick's Gentleman's Club, somehwere in the 30s in Manhattan is a good place to go for a steak, but I have no firsthand knowledge.

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      1. re: Fydeaux

        You're talking about Robert's Steakhouse which is located inside the Penthouse Executive Club. I've never been, but its supposed to be a pretty good steakhouse if slightly overpriced, which i guess you can say about most things in a strip club.

        1. re: Evan

          Well, I was right and I was wrong: the place I had read about is apparently called Rick's Cabaret and is at 50 W 33rd St. Their menu is available for viewing through the Rick's Cabaret website. $58.00 for a 21-day aged 20 oz 'Prime' Sirloin Steak (their quotes), $82.00 for Surf & Turf, and so on. I have not done a steakhouse experience in NYC, so I dont really know how this compares pricewise, but I have to figure that it's comparable to some places, pricier than others. The relative value of the entertainment is in the eye of the beholder.

          1. re: Fydeaux

            Rick's Cabaret has a decent $10 prix fixe lunch menu. No full steaks, but sandwich versions of some of their steak dishes. Just a drink minimum and you're set.

          2. re: Evan

            Heston Blumenthal visit's Robert's in his book "In search of perfection"
            the steaks seem to be far more than "pretty good" they are obsessively dry aged for extended periods of time and then cut to order and lovingly prepared by Chef Adam who seems to suffer a borderline OCD in terms of steak and its preperation.

            But then again this place has got to be exorbitant with expensive temptations beyond the ribeye.

            In another post a couple people spoke about Sugar's Cabaret in Austin one said:

            "if the chef is still the same, the food there is excellent - Really...and of course you have probably the highest caliber "entertainment" (the women there are really quite attractive) for such an occasion."

            and another mentioned that:

            "[Sugars] …is a good spot for a perfectly cooked Black Angus ribeye and they do have plenty,attractive dancing naked ladies."

        2. Apparantly Mary's in Portland, OR is semi-attached to a good taco place. And there's another club on the eastside that's supposed to have fantastic steaks although I'm forgetting the name. Anyone remember?

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          1. re: Morgan

            I don't know how good the taco place is, but there used to be a great little Japanese noodle shop next to Mary's.

            People rave about the steaks at the Acropolis (or as my friends call it, "Church") but really they're not so great. They are cheap though! $5 for a steak dinner isn't too bad. The Acrop makes a pretty good gyro too. It's cheap and huge.

          2. When I eat I want to focus on the food I'm eating. I once tried some wings at Hooters but don't remember anything about them.

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            1. re: Paul in SC
              JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

              I think that it's due less to the pretty waitresses bouncing about, and more that their wings just plain suck.

            2. I used to work for a guy who would take me to lunch at a tit bar. The food was good, just burgers and fries but really exceptionally good ones. The owner of the club had a restaurant across the street and a few good pizza places too.

              Anyway as good as the food was it was very difficult to enjoy it because of the dim, red lighting and because of the Bare Ass inches from my plate. Not that I am a prude or have anything against firm nude young women, I just found it jarringly incongruous to eat in their presence.

              I think that it is kind of like Dinner Theater. You have to pick one. From what I hear Dinner Theaters actually produce pretty good theater, partly because they are so successful that they can pay actors nearly as much as an equity house. But, you can imagine that they have to choose a repetoire that sacrifices some of the values of the theatre in the interest of appealing to a broad audience. And I bet the food really sucks. Same thing with those cinema-and-drafthouse places, real great if you want to watch a movie and drink a pitcher of beer and eat some fried goods all at once, but uh WHY GOD WHY???

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              1. re: john clark
                Seasmus Mitwurst

                No one responded to this?
                I live in Austin where we have the Alamo Drafthouse - movie, greasy food and beer.
                I generally don't eat the food, but beer with a movie?
                That's a match made in heaven. I don't go to regular theaters anymore. For the same price as a soda, I can get a pitcher of cheap beer. I usually go for better brew.

                The food is palatable, but not great. But every year they do a few "Eat, Drink, Watch Movies" shows. They bring in some local chefs (not their usual line chefs) and pair foods related to the movie with wines.
                Big Night, Like Water for Chocolate, etc.
                That's good stuff.

                Now as for strip clubs.
                That ain't my cup of tea, by a long shot.
                But I've been dragged to them for bachelor parties and the like. I have a hard time gaging down a beer. i can't imagine trying to eat with some of that...stuff being swung at my plate.
                Gives me the creeps just writing about it.
                Some people dig it, though.
                I can eat in some scummy looking restaurants, but I have my limits.