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Jan 22, 2006 07:34 AM

boiled peanuts and Yankees

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I'm curious if there are any Yankees or Non-Southerners that like or have even tried boiled peanuts. In case you don't know they are peanuts boiled in salt water. The best way to eat one is to hold one level, remove the upper half of the shell,and then dump the contents into your mouth, salt water and all. You can find boiled peanut stands on the side of the road throughout the South. The parking lot at Wal-mart is another common place to find them. I don't think we could hold a football game in South Carolina without them. I once had a Northerner to tell me that boiled peanuts were disgusting. So is this a collective Yankee opinion?

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  1. I can't speak for Yankees (or Mets or Red Sox for that matter), but those of who live here in Giants territory (latitude 37.8) or have traveled in Asia are familiar with boiled peanuts as they are are sometimes found as (free) appetizers in Chinese restaurants, most particularly Shanghainese and Taiwanese restaurants. I'd say they are worth the price when they are free but I don't think I would shell out money for them, except in Hong Kong where they make you pay for them (like the tea) whether you eat them or not.


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      I also used to see them occasionally as free snacks at Korean-owned bars in San Francisco. Once you get past the expectation that peanuts are supposed to be a certain way, they can be addictively good. Would I have shelled out money for them? Probably depends on how many drinks I'd had.

      My first encounter, though, was with the Southern kind. A former boss from Charleston used to bring a sack of 'em in to the office sometimes. Most of us liked them (and no, we weren't just kissing up!).

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        1 wiener hound

        I had always heard there were 3 ways that Charlestonians and Asians were alike:
        1.Both eat rice 3 times a day
        2.Both worship their ancestors
        3.Can't understand either group
        and now
        4. Both eat Boiled Peanuts
        Having been a B&B Southerner of many years I have eaten biled peanuts most of my life. I prefer my cold and after I reached my age of majority with a good cold Beer. I think it has something to do with the heat and humidity. For many years I ate the old standard salted boiled peanuts but then I started seeing flavored peanuts. I was introduced to Cajun flavored B. Peanuts. The sign along side the Road was spelled K-JON. Now, I do love those K-JON style peanuts de hotta de betta

      2. re: Gary Soup

        I bought a jar of peanuts in liquid in an Asian supermarket last week that I assume are boiled.

        I like them.

        The ingredients are: "Soy sauce, peanuts, salt." The label has the single english word "PEANUT" in large letter in front above the Chinese (?) lettering and it is Manufactured by Master Sauce Co., Ltd., Taiwan.

        I found this comment in the "Peanut" entry at the Asian Food Glossary: "Boiled peanuts are a popular snack food across Asia."


        1. re: James

          Indeed they are, in fact, while I was on a recent trip to Hong Kong, they were featured in almost every chinese restaurant as a table condiment/snacking item. They are less common as such a product back where I live.

      3. I'm a Yankee living in South Florida (originally from Ohio) and when I drive north of Palm Beach, back into "The South" there are boiled peanuts available everywhere. They're not my favorite, but not bad.

        1. I am a Yankee but I do not speak for all Yankees...heh...also living in south (southwest) Florida...2 of our 3 sons (also Yankees) went to Florida State University in Tallahassee and both came back loving boiled peanuts...AND collards, I might add. I love collards now too but I do NOT like boiled peanuts...texture is so alien to me. So, there you have it...we are a house divided on boiled peanuts. By the way, we can buy them here in Naples in some convenience stores!

          1. I'm from the midwest now living in DC. My wife's family is from the south and one time brought up some boiled peanuts which were my first - they were cold and not too appealing. When I was down there and got some fresh out of the kettle they were fabulous - we had to go back and get my wife her own bag.

            I think once you've had them fresh and enjoy them, then cold is passable, but freshness and warmth is key.

            1. I know lots of us northerners who like boiled peanuts. I cook up big batches sometimes for parties. I can buy the raw peanuts in local Asian grocery stores. I had my first taste of them when I lived in GA for a few years.