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Jan 19, 2006 06:14 PM

Harry and David's Malt Balls

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I regret to say that I can't recommend Harry & David's malt balls. They use better chocolate than any other malt ball I know, but the malt isn't characterful, and the crunchy crushy center seems an afterthought.


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  1. Dean & Deluca have something they call the Ultimate Malted Milk Ball which isn't bad but I'm no expert on malted milk balls.

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    1. re: badseed

      Dean and Deluca Malt Balls are not good. They are expensive and way too big to enjoy. They are also too hard to bite through and the three layers of chocolate is overkill. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
      I prefer the Raspberry Chocolate Malt Balls from Harry and David. Malt balls are my favorite and I've tried many.

    2. If you know someone going to or who is in Engand, and will send some to you or bring some back, Malteasers are the best.