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Jan 11, 2006 07:13 PM


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I guess this post became inevitable once I'd eaten at Romano's Macaroni Grill and found it surpisingly good.

Since its' corporate parent owns both Maggiano's and Chili's, I now must consider the prospect of actually eating at a Chili's.

Has anyone here done this? And, if so, please report the details re: what to eat and what not to.


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  1. It's pretty rank. The cool thing is there is no chili listed on the menu.

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    1. re: sbp

      That's because the name of the place is Chile's as in the pepper.

      1. re: Outsider, it's "Chili's".


        1. re: Outsider

          Despite the pepper in the logo, as the spelling suggests the name refers to the spicy stew (chili). When it first got going nationally in the late 80s/early 90s, there were several items incorporating chili on the menu. The decor played up the name, with lots of chili cookoff photos/memorabilia on the walls.

          My opinion of the food - I thought it was passable for a chain in the early days. Now I think it's one of the worst of the lot. Mainly because the ones I have been to have been poorly managed and served very sloppily prepared foods.

          1. re: Liz CT

            The Chili's in Bennington VT leaves a lot to be desired. The manager is great and always rectifies things, in fact, last time we were there, he went in the kitchen and cooked the fajitas himself! (green peppers were not even cooked, just thrown on the plate) We have resolved not to return though, ........the broccoli is always cold, never has any butter even though I specifically request HOT PLAIN broccoli with NO over-salted seasonings and some butter that isn't hard as ice. Every time, they get it wrong. But I think the worst part is the fries: the kitchen people , who obviously don't give a hoot about what's coming out of the kitchen , actually put a pile of fries on a large plate and when they need to fill an order, they just grab a handful and plop them on the customer's plate! No cooking to order and of course, the fries are cold and limp. Shame on Chili's .

          2. re: Outsider

            They USED to have a very good chili, but it's gone the way of everything else they used to have good!

          3. re: sbp

            The only time I've ever set foot in a Chili's was a few years ago when I had a flat tire right in front of one. I couldn't get the lug nuts off to change the tire, and then it started raining. Pissed off, I went in and drank a couple of beers and ordered Chili. I figured that it was the safest thing. Chili I was served, but this was in Austin.

            I'll have to say, though, that Chili's commercial where the guy comes home with a To Go order of baby backs and fries, then turns on the game, preparing to eat all alone is comforting in some way.

          4. STAY OUT!! I am frequently subjected to eating lunch with my cohorts at a local Chilis and consistently get bad food and not even at good prices. At least here in New Jersey, there is always a good diner or pizza shop around for much better fare at fair prices.

            1. It won't kill you but it's so boring. I used to work with someone who knew every form of chain eatery in the country and just loved going to Chili's.

              1. The steak fajitas are OK--I've had better, but I've had much worse, too.

                1. My last experience with Chili's is seven years old, but, back in the day, my Irvine office co-workers went there two or more times a week and I went along to keep up with the insider information flow.

                  I dimly remember that the baby back ribs were edible, but the sauce overly sweet and the hamburgers were medium-to-good if I got very specific about how I wanted it cooked and served. All-in-all, it took some planning to get a decent meal.

                  Oh, and BTW, anything with a lot of cheese like nachos, BLEEEAHHHH!

                  The fact was that the guys in the office wanted to go there so they could get some fairly strong drinks in them at lunch and the women wanted to go there because the servers were almost exclusively hot guy athletes from UC Irvine. The steam from the estrogen fog made it difficult to see the plates.