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Dec 31, 2005 02:10 AM

Trader Joe's Artichoke Antipasto

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I love artichokes. I love artichoke dip. So I thought I would love TJ's Artichoke Antipasto, but this stuff is not good. It takes like pickle relish! Is there a certain way you're supposed to eat this? I have been eating it room-temperature/cold. Is it better warm?

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  1. Nope, it is not improved by warming. I've tried it as a condiment and an addition to warm dishes and it actually is best served to the garbage disposal.

    1. Agreed. Artichokes are among my top 5 favorite foods, but I cannot abide the stuff. I don't know why or how they keep selling it. I can't imagine that anyone ever buys a second jar.

      1. Sounds pretty bad.

        We like TJ's grilled artichoke and parmesan dip.

        1. "Pickle relish" is a pretty accurate description of this nasty stuff! I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't the taste I got out of that jar.

          BTW: Warming it won't help make it anymore palatable, either. It will throw a noxious cloud throughout your kitchen causing the more sensative noses to seek an open window or garbage can while simultaneously demanding an accounting of your cooking experience. I ended up tossing mine.

          1. I guess this isn't what you're referring to but I purchased a jar of Trader Joe's Two Hearts Artichoke & Hearts of Palm Bruschetta and wasn't too thrilled with it either...