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Dec 28, 2005 10:09 AM

Split-top rolls for lobster rolls.

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Does anyone know where I can buy these in San Diego (the ones you get ont he east coast with lobster/crab rolls)?

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    Philly girl back in Philly

    Try Trader Joe's.

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      Unlikely on the TJs. West Coast distribution is different than east coast. IIRC, these are called New England style hot dog buns out that way, no? I'd be pretty surprised if you were able to locate them. Perhaps you can make your own?

      1. re: Two Forks

        I have a package in my freezer that my sister brought to me from Maine. I imagine she bought it in her local Hannaford's supermarket. They're made by Country Kitchen, and are just called "frankfurt rolls". They're nothing special up there, that's how they make hot dog buns.

    2. Here is a link- they ship- but are pricey


      1. Hi all,

        Mail order sources for New England style rolls belong here on the General Topics board, so by all means post those recommendations here.

        If anyone has a local San Diego source, please start a new thread on the California board, where San Diego food discussion is on topic.


        1. Here's another source. They charge $3.89/bag for JJ Nissen brand.

          You can buy a pan for $39.95 at:

          A while back I posted a recipe which did not use a special pan. I just did a search, but couldn't find the post.

          I'll post again on homecooking board if you want it.


          1. Hi Bigfoot...6 months late but maybe you're still checking the forum. I'm a transplanted Rhode Islander and have been living in Poway for over 20 years and Top Split Buns are 1 of 2 things I still have trouble finding. I order from for other items and they now carry them after I kept asking the past owner to. I guess he got tired of going to the local store for me. LOL Totally grateful that he did. Anyway, now that it has changed owners it still is carrying them but at double the cost then what they sell for back east. They are not available out here and there are only a couple of places you can get them online. I did just recently order quahogs from a place in Cape Cod and they were so nice in that they went to Stop'n Shop and bought me a couple of packages. Even got my husband (California boy) hooked on them now. Anyway, I have emailed all the makers that I know of and I do this at least two times a year and they are not willing to distribute to this area. I finally ordered the pan to make them myself. I got it from It was $39.95 I believe and even though that may seem like a lot for a pan, just think about how quickly that would pay for itself. At $4.39 per package of 6 and $6+ shipping you've paid for it in only a few shipments. Well...that's the route I choose after searching so long and hard. It would be nice to not have to go through the effort but it's another option until these companies decide to try selling it on our coast. I just emailed J.J. Nissen again today...hopefully they'll respond positively. I do love them and use them for more than just hot dogs, home made lobster or clam rolls. Today I browned the buns and served tuna salad in it. Cold tuna salad in a hot toasty bun... YUM YUM YUM!!! The other site that sells them is: Good luck! Michelle

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              If you want to make these at home, this recent link on the Home Cooking board mentioned how to make them without special pans. It sounds like it would work.


              For some reason this is excluded from Chowhound search. I tried searching on every word in the title ... new england ... hot dog ... bun ... lobster roll ... nada. I just remembered reading it recently and had to search back on Home Cooking by date.