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Dec 27, 2005 01:26 AM

Popeye's Deep Fried Turkey

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Since I never saw any extensive post about Popeye's Deep Fried Turkey, my curiosity got the better of me, and I lugged one home from the local Harlem Popeyes in time for Christmas dinner.

OK, so it's not what I imagined: a huge bird coated with golden crispy crust like their fried chicken, darn it!

It's a fully cooked turkey covered with cajun spicy rub: Dark brown, and some orange-ish powder. There were plenty of juices that got sealed in with the bird in the thick plastic protective coat.

I heated it covered for 2.5 hours, which was less time than they had suggested. I couldn't get the skin to crisp up like the instruction had suggested, even though I did uncover it and baked for a while. Nevertheless, the meat was very juicy, tender, and flavorful. The white meat was good, but the dark meat was REALLY good. The scent of baking this turkey even had a lost dog in the building scratching at my door.

I guess I will never need to learn to bake a turkey from scratch.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been asking about this for 2 years and you are the first report on the board.

    Now you have to try the KFC deep fried turkey for us. Or has someone tried the KFC version?

    1. Thanks for posting this. I've always wondered about the turkeys. I love Popeye's, much better than KFC. I assumed the turkey wouldn't be like their fried chicken and for several years toyed with the idea of using it for Thanksgiving but was too chicken (pun intended of course) to give it a go.

      Next year, I think I might based on your description. Sounds delish!


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        1 wiener hound

        You have another dog scratching at your door. Thanks for the report. I did not know Popeye's had the Fried Turkey. I have always wanted to do a fried turkey but you have to go out and buy all that paraphenailia. Plus the peanut oil is not cheap. And the visions of the guy in the Allstate ad run through my head about burning down my house and well going to Popeye's sounds so much easier. Thanks for sharing. That's what this board is all about.

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          My family has been deep frying turkeys for years and you are smart.

          I've seen first timers go at it and it is a lot more complicated than it seems.

          Deep frying turkeys indoors is foolhardy unless you have a commercial deep fryer. The deep fryers you can buy in a store are too flimsy to use outdoors and would scare me trying to use one indoors.

          It isn't worth the cost or mess just to deep fry one turkey. We don't do it unless we fry a minimum of six turkeys.

          Also, the turkey really needs to be breaded.

          1. re: BlueHerons

            I hate to go off topic but .... breaded? I too have fried turkeys also for years and never HEARD of breading a turkey. We just rub the outside with dry spices, maybe inject, maybe not, and fry away.
            I don't think it's complicated, messy or expensive at all! I understand that peanut oil is relatively expensive but in the grand scheme of the holiday season, what's a few gallons of oil????

            1. re: Tee

              We spend around $40 for the peanut oil and have a commercial grade fryer we use outdoors.

              My husband breads the turkeys just like you would bread fried chicken. Egg & Milkbath then flour combined with other things.

              1. re: BlueHerons

                I spend the same on oil, and also have a very good outdoor fryer, but it sounds like Mr. BlueHerons has come up with something novel. I have deep fried just about all the feathered friends, quail, Cornish hens, pheasant, chicken, turkey, all except dove and duck, but I have never heard or read of attempting to "bread" whole birds. Pieces, yes, but not whole birds. I can honestly say I am not tempted to try it!

                1. re: Tee

                  Yes, it is messy which is why we do it (or he does it) outside. He has these massive lexans that are about three feet long and two feet wide he uses for the breading and the milk/egg wash.

                  I believe the fryer is a viking?

                  1. re: BlueHerons

                    A Viking fryer and lexan tubs?
                    I bow to Mr Bluehreons!

            2. re: BlueHerons

              A word of advice to anyone who read the previous post. Don't bread your turkey.



            3. re: 1 wiener hound

              There is a website that adverts a indoor electric turkey fryer. I view it dubiously, but the picture is appealing.

            4. Does Popeye's serve their deep fried turkey there so I can try it without buying a whole turkey?

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              1. They really sell this?!?

                I have made several myself before but if it is good, in a pinch, I would try it.

                Do all of the stores do it?

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                1. re: Tugboat

                  No, not all stores sell it and its a seasonal item.

                  Its not obvious on their site but if you do a zip code search, the listed returned will will have notation "This restaurant may be selling Popeyes Cajun Turkeys this holiday season. We recommend calling ahead to the restaurant to confirm that they still have turkeys available."