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Dec 23, 2005 08:14 AM

Why does my Humboldt Fog cheese remind me of feta?

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I was so excited yesterday to find this cheese for sale at Citarella's in Easthampton. I had read of it on Chowhound many times and wanted to try, but figured the only way was was mail order. I figured with shipping the price would be astromonical so I hesitated. Well, $16.99 didn't seem bad so I grabbed some.
I've read that it gets creamier as it ages, but at this point it has the texture of feta. I was expecting runny. Of course I want to do something with it this weekend, so will it "improve" in the next few days so I can serve it on my cheese board, or should I consider putting it in my stuffed shells for a festive touch? Would leaving it at room temp til then speed things up?

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  1. I've never had Humboldt Fog, but the triple creme brie I buy definitely ripens better if I leave it out a bit. I think the refrigerator slows the ripening process -- great if you want the cheese to last, but if you want to serve it in a couple of days then maybe leaving it out will speed the process?

    I'm pretty conservative with these things, so I'd try leaving it out for the day, then back in the fridge. (It's warm here, though. If you're in a colder climate, maybe it can just stay out?)

    1. That's kind of odd. I buy HF a lot and it always gets creamier as it gets older, from the outside inward. Even when I buy it fresh, I've never had it any other consistancy other than a typical goat cheese.

      Since it was on sale, I wonder if it had not been stored properly at some point?

      But as long as it tastes ok, I'd continue to use it. Too expensive to waste even on sale I'm sure!


      1. You may have had a goat's-milk feta. Also, most goat's cheese have sort of a "sharp" edge to the taste, as does feta.

        1. Hmmm... Humbolt fog is my favorite cheese... when aged properly, it has a nice runny edge along the rind, then goes in creamy into the center into the ash (Where it a bit firmer) but never crumbly like Feta!

          I buy it by weight from the wheel... never from pre cut wedges sold at Whole foods or other places like that...


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            Morris Malken

            Where, in the L.A. area (I think you're in the L.A. area, Dommy) do you find the authentic Cypress Grove Chevre Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese by the wheel where they will slice off the amount you need?

            1. re: Morris Malken

              Lots of places!! Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, Joans on Third and Mousieur Marcels.

              They are all about priced the same too... :)


          2. Humboldt Fog should have a much softer paste than feta does. The texture when young is similar to a fresh chevre. It won't mature properly to the runny edge under the rind once it's been cut.