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Dec 10, 2005 01:26 PM

How to store Limoncello?

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The thread on the best limoncello brands has gotten me wondering about the way it should be stored. One poster referred to it being in their liquor cabinet. I was introduced to limoncello by a friend who kept it in the freezer, and that's how I've always kept it since. Anyone a limoncello-keeping expert or have anything definitive on this? Is it just a matter of personal taste?

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  1. We just keep it in the fridge and drink it cold.

    1. My Italian neighbor stores it in the freezer too.

      1. Here's my rule of thumb on liquor storage:

        If it's a liquid treat that you intend to mix with other concoctions (like the staples vodka, gin, etc.) keep it out of the freezer/fridge and snug in the liquor cabinet. Why? Because ice-cold liquors do NOT mix well, and you'll be shaking it up with ice anyway, so that suffices.

        Now, with something like limoncello that I like straight from the bottle, the freezer is a good option - it's much tastier ice-cold.


        1. I have had dome limoncello i made three years ago in the cabinet. Is it still good.