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Nov 10, 2005 08:18 AM

Mail Order Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I send many of my clients chocolate chip cookies as christmas gifts. I would like to continue the tradition but this year the place I order from annoyed me and frankly I just think the cookies are just OK. Does anybody have a mail order suggestion for mind blowingly good chocolate chip cookies??


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  1. where do you send them and what kind of volume?

    1. How about Dancing Deer? I can't vouch personally for the chocolate chip cookies, but their original flavors are delicious (molasses clove, sugar cane lime, and tangerine chocolate) so I would imagine that the choc chip would be good too.


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        second dancing deer. Plus they have outstanding customer service

      2. Lady Di's cookies. They are located in the Los Angeles area. Everything there is great, the brownies are excellent, and this week someone brought me what they called a Magic Cookie bar, which had nuts, coconut, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, it was fabulous.

        They hand deliver locally and ship nationwide.


        1. Selma's cookies. They are huge and fab!

          1. i LOVE ruby et violette. they have really cool, unusual chocolate chip cookie flavors too, like tiramisu, champagne, and blueberry, as well as regular chocolate chip. my personal faves are the dulce de leche!


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              Yes!!! I can't imagine any cookie being better than these, and the taste appeals to children and adults.