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Nov 9, 2005 12:01 PM


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Just got access to one and would like to hear what are the outstanding buys. Could you recommend your favorites?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Big question, but I'll tell you my favorites:

    Chocolate covered peanut butter-filled pretzels
    Spicy Apple Cider
    Fat Free Cottage Cheese (caveat that the fat free stuff doesn't bother me, and this is so much better than any other brand's version)
    Plain Turkey Jerky
    Cranberry Almond Clusters Cereal
    Blue Cheese and Roasted Walnuts Dip

    That's right off the top of my head. They have tons of good, reasonably priced stuff

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    1. re: DB

      Thanks for all the great recommendations- will begin our tasting this week!

    2. Their frozen soups.

      The frozen vegetables.

      The little 3-piece packets of chocolate.

      The restaurant style tortilla chips.

      The simpler pasta sauces.

      The 1-pound blocks of Plugra butter (rewrap in foil when you get home).

      The Milton's whole wheat bread (not a TJ product, but I can only get it at TJs).

      The frozen racks of lamb. I am not partial to their frozen fish, because I unfortunately can taste when fish has been deep frozen versus chilled on ice, and I much prefer the latter to the former.

      The large jug of Grade B maple syrup (much better than higher grade syrup in terms of flavor -- the higher the grade, the less the flavor) for $10.

      1. The soups that come in those paper, parmalat type boxes. Some are organic, all are very good & quick.

        Frozen dumplings - shrimp or vegetable, but ignore the instructions and just fry them in oil. they turn out much nicer that way.

        frozen spanakopita - delish!

          1. Roasted Tomatillo salsa is my new purchase. That and tejava iced tea. It is goo dunsweetened iced t.

            Other proiducts i enjoy:
            Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus
            Medditeranean flatbread
            medditeranean shredded cheese mix
            dark chocoalte toffee squares
            mole sauce
            dried fruits

            Most of their premade frozen appetizers are terrible in my opinon. If you want frozen dumplings go to an asian market.

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            1. re: MV

              If you HAVE Asian markets where you live, that's good advice. Otherwise, TJ's shumai, har gao and gyoza are better than none at all.

              1. re: Will Owen

                And their frozen spanikopita (spinach pies) are quite good!

                1. re: LisaM

                  With no asian market around you are better off making your own dumplings and freezing them. The trader joes ones are awful in my opnion. I havent tried the spanikopita but that is because i make my own and freeze it too.

                  1. re: MV

                    >>With no Asian market around...<<

                    How can one make dumplings at home without one? Where would one find wonton skins, etc.?

                    BTW, I have not yet made my own spanikopita, but TJ's are a lot less work, and tasty too.

                    1. re: LisaM

                      The "work" in making spanikopita is well worth it

                      1. re: MV

                        Tj's spanikopita is to handmade as
                        Cheezwhiz is to a good Vermont Cheddar. At least CW doesn't call itself what it's imitating.
                        Handmade spanikopita is like heaven.

                        Much of TJ's supposedly ethnic foods are watered down, cheaped out versions with the flavors and textures all wrong. (sometimes they don't even check the spelling on the lables) Do yourself a favor, find a good recipe and make it yourself. Everybody has a weekend at some point, spend the time and be rewarded for it.

                        1. re: MV

                          Spanakopita is divine. But labor intensive with all that folding.
                          Save time and energy.
                          Try my easy span. recipe on the home cooking board.
                          Maybe a week and 1/2 back.

                      2. re: MV

                        gotta say the same-they're pretty bad. Alomst all major markets now have an asian section and carry egg roll and wonton wrappers, usually next to the tofu.

                        1. re: dano

                          It's the old argument, convenience vs culinary perfection. I live in a city with a big Indian/Pakistani neighborhood where the food is authentic heaven, but I can't always get up there. Meanwhile TJ's line of frozen Indian entrees beats hell out of a bowl of cornflakes for dinner. There is legitimately such a thing as being busy.

                    2. re: Will Owen

                      My favorite dumpling appetizer is actually the "shrimp har gao and shu mai" in the bright pink box that doesn't have the TJ's label. Those are pretty darn good.