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Nov 7, 2005 01:15 PM

Redwood Hill Farm chevre -- flavorless

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I posted here a few weeks ago to praise Redwood Hill Farm's goat milk yogurt, which I thought was far superior to the regular kind. So I was happy to notice that Whole Foods had their "Camellia Fleur de Chevre". It was a 4oz round of cheese with a rind for $6.99, so it needed to be pretty good. I started eating it with Whole Foods' very good meusli bread, except that I wasn't getting any goatiness. So I tried it without the bread, and found that it was flavorless. They're a virtuous small artisanal producer, though, so I'll probably try their other goat cheeses when I get a chance.

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  1. oh, thank heaven's it wasn't just me. I tried the same cheese and had the same reaction. I was soooo very disappointed as I'd been fantacising all about French cheese before I tasted it.

    Let us all know if you find one that is tasty---I'm in that once burned, twice shy kind of place.

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      This has been the case with Redwood Hill Farm's basic goat cheeses for a while now. They do make some good products (I like their goat milk "gelato" that is sold at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco), but not the chevres.

    2. I wonder if they're trying too hard to make it not "goaty". First goat cheese I ever tasted was that Norwegian (I think) brown gummy stuff - a GF was just crazy about it and insisted I try, and it was like Essence of Old Goat. Couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for a week. But a good chevre should be bright and tangy, just enough acidic to offset a bare whiff of gaminess. Sounds to me like these guys overcompensated.

      Guess I'll have to taste it and see...

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        babette feasts

        I've had a camellia that was well aged, runny, pungent, and delicious, as well as a young firm one that was really bland. Go for the squishy ones!

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          I'm with you. Camellia is intended to be a soft-ripened cheese covered with mold. It is sold far too young by cheese purveyors. Let it ripen properly until the white "bone" is gone and it is far from flavorless. Please allow it to bloom!