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Oct 28, 2005 01:02 PM

Mail Order Kringles

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There's no such thing as a bad Kringle. But what's your favorite mail order source?

For those sad souls who've never tried one, kringles are oval Danish coffeecakes with a hole in the center. They're hyper toothsome. Example at link below.


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  1. Racine WI. is the kringle capital of the US and there is no finer kringle than those found at Bendtsen's Bakery.

    In fact after you have one you may ammend your earlier statment. ("There's no such thing as a bad Kringle")

    I recommend the pecan.

    Bendtsen's Bakery
    (262) 633-0365


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    1. re: Sven

      That's right, Jim, come to Wisconsin! We got yer kringles right here.

      1. re: Sven

        Yesterday, I think I saw Bendtsen's kringle being sold at Whole Foods in St. Paul, MN.

        Maybe they are at other Whole Foods stores.

      2. For west coast, pretzel shaped kringle from Solvang, CA, it's Olsen's Danish bakery.



        1. I've ordered kringle many times over the years from Racine bakeries including Bendtsen's, O&H and Larsen's. I've never been disappointed with any of them. In fact, most of the time they are soooo fresh they almost feel like they're still warm from the oven when they arrive here in Kansas City!

          My favs are pecan, almond, cherry and raspberry.

          I often send them as gifts, especially around the holidays.

          1. Racine Kringles are sold at Treasure Island supermarkets in Chicago. This afternoon I bought a pecan one and the cost was less than $3. First one I've ever bought, price seems low---was that a mistake?

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              Not necessarily. However, unlike some of the other places mentioned (Bendtsen's, O&H) Racine Kringle is not a storefront bakery. They are mass distribution supplier specializing in grocery stores and fundraisers. Their kringles are good but not quite as good as Bendtsen's

            2. t
              torta basilica

              Has anyone ordered from Neiman- Marcus? They look really good, but super expensive.