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Oct 27, 2005 10:51 PM

Mail Order Texas Bar-B-Q

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Got some friends in the deep south that have never tasted real smoked meat from Texas. I want to send some to them for an upcoming tailgate party. Anyone ever send\receive mail order bar-b-q? Any idea of which company I should use?


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  1. I'd say Black's, Kreuz Market, or Cooper's.


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    1. re: Scott

      Scott, Do you really think that any superlative BBQ such as those travels without suffering badly?

      1. re: TCUJoe
        Professor Salt

        A bunch of hounds in Los Angeles held a BBQ tasting about 3 years ago. One of us flew in a brisket from Black's, and it stood head and shoulders above the local ribs we assembled.

        Was it the optimal Black's experience? Of course not. Was it really delicious and represent Texas proudly? Absolutely. I'd say go for it, you and your friends won't regret it.


        1. re: Professor Salt
          joe fensterblau

          Black's brisket travels very well. As Prof. Salt said, took the blue ribbon @ L.A.Chowhound taste-off AND drew raves in NEW YORK CITY, of all places. Wrapped and shipped with care, I would'nt hesitate to recommend BLACK's.

      1. The GOOD BARBECUE CO. in Houston is the best.
        They have been around for ages, and are totally reliable.
        They ship.

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        1. re: Fleur

          Be careful - one of the most OVERrated places in Houston. Try dozier's and also order bacon ends.