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Oct 26, 2005 09:12 AM

Childhood Favorites

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Some of my most fond memories are food related...

The smell of my grandmothers bread baking at Easter
Appollo Fudge Cakes
Pizza off the Renaldo's Pizza Truck
Kemps Hamburgers and Fries
Anything at the Drive-in Movies Consession Stands
Mint Julep penny candy
Crows- black licorice candy (like DOTS only all black)
Peanut Butter Cookies with the peanut butter filling we use to get at elementary school for snack break time
Alaskan King Crabmeat sandwiches (there was a time this was a very cheap meal and was sold in cans like tuna fish)
Malted Milk mix
Warm Rice Krispy Treats (homemade variety not premade store bought)
I know if I had more time to think my list would be pages long...
What are your fondest memories of childhood?

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  1. A four-year-old me, riding on my grampa's shoulders while he mowed the lawn between the apple trees.

    Sitting on the bathroom floor at the age of six, reading to my mother while she luxuriated in a bathtub full of bubbles.

    The fabulous scents that hit me when walking into my grandparents' house while gramma was making dinner: breadcrumbs sauteeing in brown butter for the schliskes; bubbling homemade spaghetti sauce, in which a whole chicken was stewing... mixed with the perfume of my grandmother's Dentyne chewing gum, which she was never without.

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      "A four-year-old me, riding on my grampa's shoulders while he mowed the lawn between the apple trees."

      That is a beautiful, beautiful image.

    2. My childhood memories are:

      Fried shrimp
      fried flounder
      corn on the cob
      sweet tea
      macaroni and cheese (my nana's)
      shrimp and grits
      fried chicken
      biscuits and gravy
      pig pickings
      slaw on hotdogs
      boiled peanuts
      co-cola in a bottle

      For some reason, mine are all tied to summers on Pawleys Island, SC. Throw the smell of Coppertone in there and I'm ten years old again.

      1. My grandmothers bread pudding- served warm with a lemon sauce. Coffee jello at my other nana's house- served with mild and sugar. Egg foo yung at 2 am when I was little- my dad used to wake me up after he and my mother came home from "saturday night date night." I would stumble into the kitchen, eat my egg foo yung, and right back to sleep! Trips to NH with a stop at the A & W drive carhop. Trips to the car hop at the howeard johnsons in drive . OTOH, I will say my first trips to MCDonalds were a disaster. This is going waaay back. The burgers were about 12 cents, and the fries around a dime. BUT they did not make special orders in less than ½ hour. One of my brothers ( there were 7 or us!) did not want pickles or ketchup on his burger- used to make my dad crazy!!

        1. How could I forget saspirella (sp). There was a tonic place not far from my house, and IIRC they used the water from Crystal Springs in Stoneham to make the tonic. Wich I could still find saspirella- nothing tatsed better ice cold.

          1. Granddad's:
            Fried chicken in lard, fresh biscuits, gravy and mashed potatoes, milk from the dairy cows or goats (he could drop a zig-zagging fly at 20 yards so an unexpecting 4 yo standing at his should was easy pickings), fried or baked hares, tomales, chili

            An Uncle's:
            Catfish, blueberries (and when I "became a man," Everclear.)

            Sainted Mother™:
            Spaghetti sauce, stir fry, stroganoff, macaroni and cheese, tuna casserole, blueberry muffins, Christmas cookies, corned beef, trout

            Chicken of any style, salmon, chili (different that granddad's), enchiladas, tamale pie, SOS, beef stew, smoked duck, fried fish, (NE) clam chowder

            Things I was allowed to nosh but can't now:
            Shasta grape soda (EWW! Nasty stuff!)
            Marshmallow spread (see Shasta grape commentary)
            Taco Bell tacos
            McDonalds Big Macs
            Red Barn burgers
            White Castle sliders
            KFC crispy
            Sour Kraut (I spent my entire childhood avoiding this side dish and learned why my parents loved it when I lived off on my own. Now I can't have it because it tears me in two... There just is no justice in the Universe!)