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Oct 25, 2005 10:00 AM

moe's southwest grill

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any opinions on moe's southwest grill. have one opening in my area. website looks ok; says they use fresh ingredients prepared that day and the restaurants don't even have freezers. pictures of food don't look too interesting, but then looks aren't everything.

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  1. Is this Uncle Moe's??? If so, expect the 2nd best burrito in Manhattan. Excellent cal-mex; we order lunch from the Flatiron branch all the time.

    1. A Moe's recently opened near me, but I haven't been- the combination of the stupid burrito names based on TV shows and the "welcome to Moe's" that everybody who works there needs to yell out every time someone walks in the door is a bit of a deterrent, no matter how good the food may be (and I don't have high hopes)...

      Never thought I'd long for a Chipotle to open nearby...

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      1. re: pronek

        Ok, so is this a branch of Uncle Moe's or no???

        1. re: xavier
          JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

          I highly, highly doubt it, Xavier.


            1. re: Sweet Pea

              Moe's Southwest is a (apparently mediocre food, definitely annoyingly "fun") chain taking over various strip mall and food court spots in the heartland; count your blessings you can get to Uncle Moe's, which sounds infinitely better.

              1. re: pronek

                It's owned by Raving Brands. See link below for some insight into RB, which is opening locations of its various restaurants at a dizzying pace here in Atlanta.

                My 18-year-old daughter loves it. I think it's mediocre at best. If you must have chain Mexican, Chipotle's superior, plus in Atlanta there are way better, non-corporate options. And not one of them requires its employees to yell "Welcome to {name of restaurant}!" when someone walks in the door. Moe's needs to have shouting and non-shouting sections.


      2. We tried a burrito today. It was called the homewrecker. Looks were everything in this case. It was very uninteresting right down to the wrap that was like sticky uncooked dough. There's a few non-chain places near us that are really good. We won't waste chow time at Mo's again.

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        1. re: Sweet Pea

          i was kinda afraid that the looks told the story on this one.

        2. I think Moe's is okay if you want fast food. However, I HATE the way they all unenthusiastically yell, "Welcome to Moes." when you walk in the door.

          Makes me want to walk right back out.