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Oct 24, 2005 11:02 PM

Best Trader Joe's hors d'oeuvres

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I am throwing an 80th birthday party for my mother for 60 or 70 people, and want to serve pre-made hors d'oeuvres from Trader Joe's. Any suggestions?

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  1. 1) TJ's mushroom turnovers with cream cheese crust. 2)TJ's mini-quiches about 2 inches across. 3) A pasta salad: TJ's artichoke-filled tortellini, cook and drain, add a package of TJ's frozen artichoke hearts microwaved until barely done, toss all with a little lemon juice and olive oil. Add scallions or green pepper if you like.

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      Totally agree on the mushroom turnovers; they're delicious. Avoid any of the dim sum type things, they are terrible (in my opinion). I don't know if they are still carrying them but they used to have escargot in little mini brioche that were out of sight. They were on the expensive side but they were delicious.

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        torta basilica

        Love the escargot in brioches! I add even more garlic butter :-)

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          Wow! Those escargot/brioch thingies are so delicious the way they are that I never thought of adding anything to them but if I see them again I may have to try some more garlic. If I'm not mistaken, I think they were imported from either Canada or France. Truly, one of the best frozen apps I've tasted other than commercial prods avail only to the trade.

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            Tried to get some today here in central CA, was told they were trying but it seems to be a seasonal item?

    2. i agree on the escargot and i just got some spinach artichoke dip that was frozen that was really really tasty

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        The spinach artichoke dip is a staple in my fridge.

      2. Its not frozen but it is made entirely from trader joes items and easy to assemble. This recipe was the one time i actually bought the ingredients for the free samples they were giving out. Take the medditeranean flat bread, spread on some of their lemon artichoke pesto, top with their medditeranean cheese blend and cook in the oven until the cheese is melted. i like to do mine in the toaster oven to brown the cheese. i start on 400 unitl the cheese is melted then switch it to broil for browning

        The cheese mix contains, provolone, fontina and kasseri. Kasseri is a greek cheese and was alaways a fav in my house growing up. it goes particualrly well with lemon and thats whats in the pesto. If you dont make this for the party, i reccomend it for an everyday snack or light meal with a salad.

        1. They make these brie and cranberry things in phyllo dough that are awesome. They seem to be seasonal as I only seem to see them Oct thru Dec.

          1. I like the shrimp wrapped in phyllo.