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Oct 14, 2005 05:56 PM

OK, so what ARE tejuinos?

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I Googled in Spanish, and got page after page of tejuino references. Almost all referred to tejuino as a fermented beverage based on maiz(e), seasoned to taste with salt, sugar, or lemon. I saw no reference to maguey. So I guess Milo was full of it.

Interestingly, on a lot of the Spanish language chats, the reference was ?Que es tejuino?


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  1. It's believed to cure hangovers. I guess because it's fermented hard corn (mild alcoholic) beverage. Same concept as drinking a beer next day after a long night of drinking to combat hangovers.

    1. Tejuino is a corn-and-fruit based drink that has been allowed to ferment for a short while to make it (very) slightly alcoholic. It's normally drunk with a scoop of lemon ice in it. I've never seen anyone put salt in it.

      Milo was thinking either of pulque (the fermented juice of the maguey, known to americanos as "rotgut") or aguamiel (the unfermented juice of the maguey which, while still nasty-tasting, at least isn't going to leave you with a hangover the next morning).

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        NOTE !!! REVIVAL OF 2005 POST

        I just had a variation of a tejuino that was just magnificant. No lemon ice or sherbert in it. Instead the plastic cover on the large styrofoam cup was sprinkled with salt and topped with half a large lime. On request they sprinklied chili on top ... so sip of tejuino, followed with a little lime marinated in chile. Details here

      2. Did your Google search turn up the article I linked to? Would I lie to you? I am a tejuino lover from way back. And by the way, it's not *tejuinos*. It's just *tejuino*, unless you are standing at the cart ordering more than one. *Dos tejuinos, porfas. Grandes, para llevar.*

        And as for the fermentation process, it's never fermented enough that you'd risk the slightest buzz.

        Now, who among us has drunk a steaming mug of *pajarete*?

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        1. re: Cristina

          Pajarete is NASTY... fresh-squeezed cow's milk, chocolate and alcohol. ICK.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            But undoubtedly beats cows blood and milk drunk from a urine rinsed gourd.


            1. re: WLA

              And for your approval, from La Gordita in Guadalajara,

              "Medias de Seda (leche, ginebra, granadina)"

              Not fresh-squeezed, though.

              1. re: Shep

                *Medias de seda* (silk stockings) are enormously popular here in Guadalajara. I've had one, but I don't get the thrill.

          2. re: Cristina

            I know you would never lie to me. Since I understand Spanish very poorly, I just opened each page in turn, and soon saw the majority had the words "bebida fermentada", "maiz", and "limon".

            The maguey thing came from our maintenance guy. I asked him, "like pulque?" and he said "no, not pulque". Never saw him again, either.

            1. re: Cristina

              in colima they call it "leche caliente" its nasty