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Sep 28, 2005 07:05 PM

Best Mail Order Fudge for Holidays????

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I would like to find the BEST, REAL, fudge for gifts this year.

When I was a kid in Laguna Beach, there was a tiny shop run by a couple who made ONLY fudge and toffee. The tiny place barely had room to turn around, and was dominated by a massive gleaming copper kettle. The walls were covered with the names of towns they had shipped their lovingly made product to.

Please help me find a similar product, it must exist out there!

By real I mean the kind that is made with just cocoa,sugar and butter, ( walnuts ok but NOTHING else) cooked in a big copper pot and creamed on a slab of marble.

Please none of those mix in, peanut butter, marshmallow,what ever type specialty fudges...
just the real deal....

possibly made by Nuns or in a little shop in Wisconsin peninsula, or any other establishment that has been around forever and remembers how real fudge is made...

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The Brigittine monks from Amity, Oregon make absolutely delicious fudge. Here's the link:

    Link: http://www.brigittine.org/fudge.html

    1. This is the best stuff I've ever tasted (fudge-wise) and I come from a land where fudge is a huge commodity (Northern Michigan). The caramels are amazing too.

      Link: http://www.howsescandy.com/

      1. I love the fudge from Murdicks though I can only attest to eating direct from the shops on the Vineyard. The traditional chocolate fudge is wonderful very rich and true chocolate flavor. I think their penuche is some of the best I have ever had. The cap cod cranberry is good for what it is. My husband loves their peanut butter fudge but I find it sandy and a bit dry.

        The link takes you to Vineyard site but if you click on their homepage you can link to the one on Mackinac Island,MI

        Link: http://www.murdicks.com/index.htm

        1. You might try the Fudge Fatale from Chocosphere.com (linked below).

          Link: http://www.chocosphere.com/Html/Produ...

          1. Thank you for the great suggestions....will have to order some of each for a taste *test* before subjecting my giftees...yumm