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Sep 11, 2005 04:33 PM

Best mail-order spice store?

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Those of you who've ordered spices from mail-order vendors--which companies have you found to have the highest quality? best prices?


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  1. Penzey's!!!

    1. I love ordering from Penzeys.

      1. Worldspice! Being in SEA, I can shop at their store. Penzey's is good but Worldspice is exceptional.


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        1. re: Daniel

          I'll second the World Spice recommendation. Just received my first order by Priority Mail 2 days after placing it. They only charged me $5.08 for S&H and unbelievably have a ship without prepayment policy.
          Has anyone else had any experience with them?

        2. I like The Spice House, owned by the brother of the owner of Penzey's. They are in Milwaukee, Evanston, and Chicago and they also have a great mail-order website. I like their herb and spice blends, the cinnamon, ultra-fresh black peppercorns, curry powders, ginger, etc. Everything I've ordered has come quickly and has been of the highest quality. And the prices are very good.

          Here's the link:


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          1. re: Nancy Berry

            Any differences between them and Penzey's?

            1. re: 4chowpups

              Yes, there are a few differences. Some of the blends are different. The websites are different. The Spice House is less slick than Penzey's, but the quality is very high at both.

              1. re: 4chowpups

                I ordered the same stuff from both of them once.

                The Spice House was notably less quality than Penzeys.

                1. re: Food Tyrant

                  I disagree. I've ordered a wide range of stuff from both and they are both top notch. The packaging is less professional at The Spice House though.

            2. Penderys in Ft. Worth I've been ordering from them for years not only spices that are really good and fresh and well priced but while chiles and ground chiles too. There are also some most excellent ground chile powder blends too. My favorite grond chile is their Bull Canyon. It is rich, deep and chocolaty with a bit of a kick.