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Best Frozen Pizza

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Would love to hear everyones opinion on which frozen pie is Delich!!

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  1. Amy's is our current fave

    1. Lou Malnati's Frozen Mail-order.

      Link: http://www.tasteofchicago.com

      1. Out of the supermarket brands, I really like the Celeste four cheese pizza for one.

        1. The Trader Joe's ones that are imported from Italy and labeled as Trader Giottos. I know there is 3-cheese, 4-cheese, I forget the other ones.

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          1. re: LisaN
            ChowFun (derek)

            I heartily second that...these are imported from Italy, ...wood oven baked....and actually Edible!

            1. re: ChowFun (derek)
              Jersey City Mods

              I finally tried the "Trader Giotto's" pizza this weekend per this post. Bought two types and have so far tried only the Spinach. Damn it was good. Also bought the four cheese.

          2. Freschetta Brick Oven Italian 5 Cheese

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                Make it a 3rd!
                Not the most loaded pizza around, but the crust is light and crisp, the sauce flavorful, and the crust cheese sauce balance seems about right.

            1. I love the pizzas off the Scwhan's truck.Right now the deep dish mini cheese one are my fave.

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                ChowFun (derek)

                Since this is posted on the General Food Board..okay I'll bite!
                Whats' a Shwan's truck? And why are their frozen pizzas good?

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                  Schwan's is a frozen food delivery service. The truck comes by every two weeks and you purchase whatever you want right from the truck - no preordering required, but you can Internet order in advance if you want to guarantee that your items are not sold out. Prices are a bit higher than typical grocery stores, but it's delivered to your door (right to my freezer, actually), and I find that the food is higher quality than supermarket frozen foods.

                  Schwan's also makes Freschetta, Red Baron, and Tony's pizzas, but I prefer the ones from the truck.

                  Link: http://www.schwans.com

                  Image: http://content.schwans.com/schwansima...

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                    ChowFun (derek)

                    Interesting concept!!!
                    What part of the country does this take place?
                    Thanks for the photo...!

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                      I believe they're all over the place - I pass by this house in Vallejo, CA that has a Schwan's truck parked in front of it, so I assume whoever lives there distributes their products in the area.

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                        Schwan is based in Minnesota. I'm nowhere near them (in Maryland), so if they deliver here I'm pretty sure they're in most states, but maybe not in every part of each state.

                        1. re: SuzyInChains
                          ChowFun (derek)

                          Not in San Fran. that I know of1
                          Their website shows that pizza is only one part of a large frozen repertoire!

                          Link: http://www.schwans.com/

                          1. re: ChowFun (derek)

                            Not in the city of SF, but in the burbs. I see a lot of them in the East Bay and I know they are down Mountain View way. If you put a zipcode in one of the pages on their site you can find out if they deliver to your home.

                            They'v had some unenthusiastic posts in the past on Chowhound.

                            1. re: ChowFun (derek)

                              I put in my former SF zip code and they said delivery was available. (Inner Richmond)

                            2. re: SuzyInChains

                              Hi again to,
                              Suzyinchains (love the name) lol and all other poster's

                              I went to live help to see re the delivery charge, And was SHOCKED It was only 1.00! WOW
                              Live help sent me up with a temp acct as the site was giving me an error when requesting a catalog. And catalog on the way! Yeah..
                              But if you see the post I put up before this? I checked out Schwans and have the Marketday.com slip here from my daughter school.

                              Here is the deal..
                              Schwans has WAY more of a selection, some yummy stuff I am def going to order.
                              I see some serious similarities between the 2 company's...Weird some are more expensive on Schwans and cheaper on Marketday.com and saw a decrease in the amt by 1/2 lb on most of everything (marketday gives more)
                              I am however going to order the same I do from marketday and see if the quality is different and really looking forward to the things I want to order that market day doesn't have.

                              So I urge all to look at both site and you will see the quantify difference and price difference on certain item.
                              But hands down Schwans has more of a selection and like how they have customer reviews which marketday does not, but do know if you don't like a product from marketday they take it back no questions asked and give you a refund. Didn't check that part out on Schwans?
                              I asked re giving you credit for any references and they said they do not do that. sorry! Tried I told them where I found them and they would prob. get more customers by your post alone.
                              Another thing is the site really resembles marketday which make me wonder if they are one in the same or a sister company?
                              Looks so similar if you go to market day and theirs you will see.

                              Urge all to try both! Marketday (gets picked up at your local school and Schwans only cost 1$ Hello! try them both for whatever you like? Can't hurt they are both cost saving for family's in this bad economy and I see Market day has better meat cost and amt.
                              So again urge all to take a look at both.
                              Let us both know what you think? Really curious who has ordered from who and your opinions on both?
                              May start a new thread on this, so very similar, but one supports schools as far as I know Schwans doesn't, but still want to try some of their items that are not available on Marketday.com

                              Again Thank you for bringing to my attention and hope all will take a look at both and order from both as they both have good deals!

                              Take care and keep us updated! (smile)
                              PS sorry so long..
                              Also can you put your e-mail on here? I just joined today and read rules but didn't see anything about personal off board contact? Help?

                        2. re: SuzyInChains

                          Thank you so much for putting this link up! They deliver to me in Central NJ. What is funny is I just did a survey on PeaPod (anyone know) they stink! lol And when asked in survey any other home delivery I have used I saw this and had no clue.. Wow too cool Suzyinchains, if you get credit for ref, customer's let us know and we will absolutely give you the credit? I am new here so I don't know if you can put e-mail add or how to contact anyone aside from board?? Any help welcomed...

                          Question for you, What is the delivery charge, I looked all though the FAQ's and didn't see it?

                          Also I don't know if any of you all have heard of :

                          It is done thru the school systems and you also can have it delivered to your home by mail. They are really good too..All the meat is excellent!
                          They do this in schools all around the country. Simply place your order by phone or online by date on form and pick up at the school closest to your home. And the school you choose gets credit for supplies for the kids

                          I am def. going to check out Schwans. Thank you so much again!


                    2. j
                      Jersey City Mods

                      Mystic Pizza (deluxe) is one of the better frozon pies. Not sure if it is available everywhere but it is in Pennsylvania and presumably elsewhere in the Northeast. (I usually add extra garlic though).

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                        My husband likes this one too.

                      2. Home Run Inn are far superior to the DeGiorno's, Freshetta's, and Cali Pizza Kitchens. I would also prefer them over any of the chain pizza places.

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                        1. re: Bobfrmia

                          I second the Home Run Inn recommendation.

                          1. re: Artie

                            I third it and for some reason the frozen pizzas from home run inn are better than the fresh ones from the rest. At least that's my opinion------

                        2. Is Tree Tavern still any good? Haven't had it in ages. Do they even still make it?

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                            Tree Tavern is still around in NJ, to me it is ok it is a thin crust and a lot of sauce. All and all not bad. I just perfer a thicker crust. I recently purchased a self rise 4 cheese frozen from Stop & Shop and usually don't go for the whole frozen pizza, usually go Ellios as hubby likes it and add's his provolone to it or adds extra mozz. as there is hardly any cheese on it.

                            But I really like this one from Stop & Shop and I ate it left over 2 days later heated in oven. As my family wanted it NOW and I was out to tackle the Black Friday crowd so said go ahead and save me a slice and even reheated GOOD. will buy again and eat it right away next time.

                          2. Costco's are magnifico, but if you live in a studio apartment with one of those tiny little ovens, you are in for a hard time.

                            1. Several years ago I was a big fan of American Flatbread frozen pizzas. Probably a Northeast thing. mmm.

                              1. I love Trader Joe's Pesto Vegetable and the Spinach Feta.

                                I also think that a pizza stone makes any frozen pizza taste twice as good.

                                1. Try the Freschetta brick oven pizzas. They're awesome!! Also Trader Joes has a round pizza called 3 cheese brick oven. Also excellent. I like them better than the chain restaurants.

                                  1. I really like American Flatbread. The Organic Tomato Sauce and Cheese and The Roasted Tomatoes, Black Beans and Corn are superb. The Cheese and Herb is really tasty. The ingredients are organic and all locally grown. There is a restaurant where you can get these pizzas fresh. They are awesome.

                                    Link: http://www.foodremembers.com

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                                    1. re: Cindy Cripe

                                      I second that emotion! real food.

                                      I live near the Calif. production plant where they're open for dining Fri/Sat only IN the room with the wood-fired oven. Amazing experience and excellent chow! Los Alamos, Ca., just 1 block off Hiway 101 about 20 minutes north of the Santa Ynez valley (movie "Sideways"). EZ off, EZ on for you travelin' hounds.

                                      1. re: toodie jane

                                        Palermo's Thin is great but overpriced. Kraft ruined Tombstone as they do to every brand they buy. The original Tombstone recipe is being sold again as 'Pep's Pizza' from Medford WI. Home Run Inn is very good but no pizza tray! Uno's is good. I usually get a Papa Murphy's now on my way home from work.

                                    2. It's got to be Palermo's!!! The Primo Thin is the best thin crust frozen pizza, no doubt.