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Sep 6, 2005 04:26 PM

Favorite popsicle, creamsicle, fudgesicle, etc

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Growing up my favorites were (in order of preference) creamsicles, eskimo pie bars, and fudgesicles. One of those early gourmet experiences were the Good Humor strawberry shortcake and fudge eclair bars

As an adult, I would say that Hagen Daz bars are my favs with the dulce de leche my preference. Never liked Dove Bars even at the height of their popularity. Ben and Jerry never did it for me.

A year or so ago I revisited a creamsicle. It wasn't bad. I love this description ... "Creamsicle® Pops Still as refreshing as you remember. Artificially flavored vanilla ice cream pops covered with orange or raspberry sherbet" Yum.

In the total junk department I am still fond of those Reese's ice cream bars and Nestles caramel drumsticks, covered with nuts with the payoff of a chocolate coated cone and a caramel center.

Branching out, I find I prefer Mexican Paletas to popsicles because they are fresher, are juice based and come in interesting flavors. . Last week I just discovered Kulfi, Indian milk popsicles with lovely spices like cardemom, some chock full of pistachios.

I believe there are some Asian popsicles that I remember reading about that I've yet to discover.

Locally, if you are ever in Berkeley, you must get the fudgesicle at Sketch. A bitter sweet deal with top quality chocolate that is just one of the best frozen bars I have ever tried.

What's your favorite? Anything different to try? Any regional specialties like Sketch?

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  1. Heath toffee icecream bars. Drumsticks. Ice-cream sandwiches. And the frozen chocolate-malted push-ups, whatever they were called, were just about at the top of my list, and I seldom found them anywhere besides the freezer box in our school cafeteria.

    Hadn't had any of those in forty years or more until I had a job that took me to a very bad part of downtown LA every day, and this frozen-goodies vendor would show up right on cue. He had Drumsticks - a different brand, but basically the same nut-studded chocolate-coated ice cream on a sugar cone...and a dollar instead of a dime!

    I really loved the Creamsicles, too, though I never saw any that weren't orange.

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      When we were in Washington D.C. earlier this year, I had a drumstick from a street vendor. It was Blue Bunny brand and it was so good. Hard to find here although I did see one liquor store in Torrance that carried them.

      Lately, I've been buying the Healthy Choice fudgesicles, sandwich bars and orange and rasberry "dreamsicle" like bars. They are all especially good surprisingly. The dreamsicle bars taste like those of yesteryear. We also just tried some Silohuettes (?) fudge bars with the black and white cow on the box. They were excellent, deep chocolate flavor and big enough to satisfy that sweet craving.

    2. For junk, I would say the strawberry shortcake (I like the odd pebbly coating), bomb pops (for the lemony stripe of white, red & blue ain't bad either), and a drum stick (for that extra bit of chocolate they put at the bottom of the softening cone to prevent leaks). As a kid, I loved Swiss Miss Pudding Bars (Yodel-eh-he-hoo).

      For higher quality, I like La Michoacana Paletas de crema (from Modesto, CA), esp. the arroz con leche flavor with little bits of rice.

      Had a gentle introduction to durian in the form of a popsicle from a Vietnamese market. Tasted like sweetened scallions with milk.

      1. From the past - hands down the Brownie Bar. It was orange sherbert with a chocolate coating. The wrapper had brown bears on it. I think they are no longer made - haven't seen one for decades.

        1. I heap both curses and blessings upon you, rworange! Thanks to your paletas post, I discovered the freezer aisle at Whole Foods and got three Palapa Azule popsicles (currently on sale in SF for $1.50). The cucumber chile was lovely; I can't wait to try the mango chile and Mexican papaya.

          As for oldtime faves:

          -do Klondike Bars count?
          -strawberry shortcake bars from Good Humor
          -Big Sticks
          -honeydew bars from the Korean market (there are a couple brands, but they all taste the same). If you prefer Japanese hard candies to a Jolly Rancher, you'll probably prefer these bars to American fruit popsicles.
          -taro and red bean popsicles from any Asian Market. Brand names escape me.

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            Hank Rearden

            My favorite "Creamsicle" is a small cup containing a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet on top of a scoop of vanilla gelato, from the Otto cart in Washington Square Park in New York City.