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Aug 30, 2005 02:53 PM

cilantro, does it taste funny to you ?

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has anybody else heard of cilantro just not tasting right. or should i say pleasant tasting. someone told me my taste buds regester it as something different than people that like the taste. what i taste just could not be a pleasant taste. i wish i liked it so ordering food was not any trouble. i get by fine but i think i miss out on some stuff because of it. ground corriander i have no problem with. thanks for any comments.


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  1. There are some people who register the taste of fresh cilantro as soapy. I guess you're one of them.

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    1. re: Claire

      The first few times I had it (when we bought it accidentally, thinking it was parsley), it tasted soapy to me. I think I've trained myself to like it, because I use it all the time now. But I have heard that tasting cilantro is a genetic trait- either it tastes good or disgusting.

    2. It's a very intense flavor and people either love it or hate it.

      1. YES! I thought I was alone...I always try to order foods without the cilantro.

        1. Like other posters have said, I think you either love it or hate it. My sister and I grew up without cilantro (midwest), and now as adults I love it and she hates it.

          1. I usually can't stand cilantro, but I've had a couple of ceviches and a salsa where it was used very, very sparingly and made for a refreshing note in those dishes. I think a big problem may be that many cooks are just too heavy-handed with it and/or they don't use it with the right ingredients.

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              As some have noted, it usually tastes very soapy to me. It was the darling "in" herb with chefs for awhile who sprinkled it any-and-everywhere ruining some perfectly good food. I have come to like it in some foods, especially something really spicy where it can be very refreshing, and with Vietnamese dishes.

              1. re: Candy

                I think you are both right about using it with the right ingrediants. I was in the destest cilantro camp until a few years ago ... HATED it. I absolutely couldn't eat Mexican salsas that had even a bit of the stuff.

                Then I started eating Vietnames sandwiches. I alwways want to try 'authentic' versions of anything first, wo I went with the cilantro. I liked it. In fact I've built up some sort of cilantro tolerance so that I can enjoy it in anything. I even don't mind it straight up.

              2. re: gina

                I love cilantro and fall into the heavy handed group, but my SIL & BIL don't like it, unless used very lightly in a salsa. I refrain from fixing any asian dishes for them that call for its liberal use, however when it's cooked into a sauce even at the proportions I like they love it.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  Cooking it seems to help diminish the strength of the volatile oils that cause the taste sensation.

                  1. re: Karl S.

                    Wonder what those oils are, and if they're present in any other herbs/veggies?